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Eileen Ivers was born in an Irish community of the Bronx and started playing fiddle at the age of eight. Eileen won seven fiddle titles, an eighth on the tenor banjo and over 30 additional medals establishing her as the most awarded competitor ever in the All-Ireland Championships. Fiddler Eileen Ivers has accomplished herself as the pre-distinguished proponent of the Irish fiddle in the world today. It is a uncommon and select grade of outstanding artists whose work with boldness is originative and distinctly virtuosic that it interpolate the medium. The task, with all respect, exploring the cultures and patterned advance of the Celtic fiddle is rather literally, said to be on Eileen Ivers' shoulders. The Washington Post states, "She suggests the future of the Celtic fiddle."
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The daughter of Irish immigrants, Eileen Ivers was brought up in the ethnical diversed neighborhood of the Bronx, New York. Being an Irish-American and deep rooted in Irish traditional music since the age of eight, the interest to learn more about the multicultural sounds of her childhood took a stop. She graduated magna cum laude in Mathematics from Iona College and while she continued her post-graduate work in Mathematics, Eileen fully took a plunge in the different genres of music which she experienced growing up in New York. It was the mathematical mind coupled with her passion for the quest, parallel to certain traditional music styles which bestowed to what has become the signature sound featured in much of Eileen's recordings since the 80's. In 1999, Eileen constituted a touring production to represent the music which now includes Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul. This mix of African and Latin percussion and bass, Irish instrumentalists, and American soulful vocals perform at major art centers, guest stars with numerous symphonies, performs at major festivals worldwide and has appeared on national and international television. The L.A. Times proclaims, "Ivers' presentation was music with the kind of life and spirit that come together when talented artists from different backgrounds find the linkages that connect all forms of music ...no wonder the audience loved every minute." Eileen is also fortunate to share the stage with two of the world's most celebrated violinists, classical virtuoso Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and jazz great Regina Carter, in the critically acclaimed 'Fiddlers Three'. When she toured with the "Riverdance" Irish dance troupe in 1995, taking solos on stage was her greatest pinnacle of fame. Her blue electric fiddle is sure enough an attractive instrument, and one of its kind with unequalled sound and ambience, after which her album Wild Blue was named. Eileen has recorded with him on the television series "River of Sound" and on his album "Becoming" (1998).
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