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Come get your tickets to see one of the most distinctive and influential voices that ever came onto the stage or big screen- come get your tickets to see Eartha Kitt perform live in concert. Kitt has gained immense popularity over the years and become a gay icon as well, gaining a cult following all over the country. Her trademark voice and sex kitten image prevail even today and so does Eartha Kitt who can still bring in the crowds.

Kitt was born in 1927, the daughter of a white father and African American/ Native Indian mother, a mix that greatly contributed to her exotic look and appeal. She made her breakthrough with the Katherine Dunham Company and scored her very first film in 1948 with Casbah. It was during her time with the revue New Faces of 1952 that Kitt would perform three of the hit songs she would henceforth be associated with; 'Santa Baby', 'C'est Si Bon' and 'Monotonous'. In 1960, she garnered the role of Catwoman, another role she was famous for due to her purring drawl.
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Controversy followed in 1968 when Kitt made anti war statements at no less a place than the White House itself. She was professionally banned from working in the US but that did not deter her. Kitt found a ready and waiting audience for her overseas and when she returned to the States in 1978, it was with another memorable performance and song in the Broadway production Timbuktu with her unforgettable song which explains the recipe for a cannabis preparation. In 1984, Kitt hit the music charts with her dance number Where is My Man, which went on to become a gay anthem of sorts. Kitt embraced her new fan following and still does a number of concerts for HIV/AIDS benefits. Even in 2000, fans were able to catch Kitt on the stage and on screen- it seems like this unstoppable performer just gets better with age!

In the cabaret arena, few can touch the performances that Kitt has brought to the stage time and again. Don't miss your chance to see this living legend perform live on stage- contact your online ticket vendor and find out how you can get tickets to see Eartha Kitt live in concert!
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