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Earshot was formed in 1999 as a blend of moody yet melodic metal that sounds similar to the Tool, particularly in their debut album. The band usually plays alternative metal. Vocalist Wil Martin has a strikingly ensembles to Maynard James Keenan, his voice sounds like Keenan's and his appearance is also greatly influenced by Keenan. They were signed by Warner Bros. and released their first album in 2002, Letting Go. The album included hit singles such as "Get Away" and "Not Afraid". The band came up with their second album in 2002, Two. This album featured a breakout hit in "Wait", which was featured on the Madden 2005 video game soundtrack and MX vs. ATV Unleashed video game soundtrack. This was followed with release of the singe "Someone".

Crashing guitar, surging choruses, and head turning hooks. Earshot's second album Two proves the songwriting abilities and the dedication to their craft has never been more in focus than on this eleven song sophomore collection. "Every song on this record got recorded at least three times if not more," says lanky singer Wil Martin. "But that was our mind-set going in: Everything was going to take as long as it had to for it to make the cut."

After spending almost an year touring and promoting their debut album "Letting Go" under the label of Warner Bros. earshot made their return to the studio in late 2002. They shared stage for the likes of Kid Rock and Stone Temple Pilots for several months, the band played their songs to thousands of appreciative fans, but they got their recognized by their radio hit, "Getaway" and "Not Afraid". The song "Getaway" reached high on position #4 on the charts and stayed in the Top 100 for 60 weeks. This was the sign for the band to start preparing for their next album.
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Earshot and their producer, Johnny K, have worked closely for a long period of time, horning their craft and never bowing to the pressure . The proof of this strong bong can be heard in the album's wealth of memorable songs, songs with a dark, passionate edge and raging guitar melodies. Once you listen to "Fall Apart", "Someone" and the first single "Wait", you get the picture perfect of the band's knack of creating deep , sharp hooks. For the maximum of 2003, Earshot disconnected from the outer world and worked on their studio trans in Los Angeles and at their producer's studio in Chicago. They have emerged from time to time for the song, "Nice To Feel The Sun". Wil openly exhibits the soft and tender side of his writing on the regretful "Should Have Been There," he feels quite uncomfortable in expressing his doubts and fears throughout most of his albums.

The band that originated ion 1999, with the Kansas-bred Wil joining forces with the guitarist Mike Callahan and Scott Kohler in L.A. Bassist Johny Sprague joined the band shortly after their debut was completed and a new drummer Chas Stumbo came on board in 2004. The singer songwriter Wil had an upbringing on classic rock: Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Black Sabbath, the Beatles, Cat Stevens, AC/DC and Metallica all get cited as influence ans inspirations. Wil express his regrets that the albums don't seem to mean as much to young people as they did to him while he was growing up. The band is currently focusing their energy on their new album which is expected to release somewhere in mid of 2006.