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Dyango's releases include: Mis Mejores Canciones: Bienvenido Al Club/Al Fin Solos(1986),17 Super Exitos(1993), Morir De Amor(1993), Un Loco Como Yo(1994), Aque De LLuvia(1996), Simplemente Lo Mejor(1996), Sus Primeros Exitos(1996), Exitos Y Recuerdos(1996), Coleccion Mi Historia(1997), Serenata(1997), Simplemente Lo Mejor(1998), Serie MIllenium 21(1999), Serie Sensacional: La Sensación de Dyango(2000), Vuela Conmigo(2000), Solo Lo Mejor:20 Exitos (2001), Dyango en Catala(2001), Serie De Oro: Grandes Exitos(2003), 30 Exitos Insuperables(2003), Grandes Exitos (2003), 15 de Coleccion(2004), Perdido en la Nostalgia(2004), Inolvidablemente(2004), Leyendas (2005), Corazon de Bolero(2005), Quan L'amor Es Tan Gran( 2006) and Suspiros (2007).

In a lifetime of successful music, some of his unforgettable songs include, "A Donde Vas Amor," "Querer y Perder," "Hay Algo en Ella," "Corazon Magico," "Esa Mujer," "La Radio," and "Esta Noche Quiero Brandy". Despite all the years, Dyango's voice only becomes richer and lush. Even better for the kind of music he sings. What a wonderful and long career he ha had! Buy tickets and watch this king of emotional ballads make you crumble.
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On the 8th of May, 1940, Spanish superstar Dyango was born as José Gómez Romero in Spain in Barcelona. For decades, he has been serenading listeners who have either bought his records or tickets with his romantic, sentimental ballads. Dyango is a Catalan musician and has been recording and entertaining music lovers since the 1970's. Dyango has sometimes been compared to Julio Iglesias and José José. Dyango's velvety, silken voice laden with lots of charisma and personality makes him the superstar that he is.

José Gómez Romero named himself Dyango after his musical hero, the legendary jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt when he decided to pursue his musical dreams. However, Dyango is a crooner and not a guitarist like his hero, Django Reinhardt. Dyango's sons are both in the entertainment industry. Marco Llunas the elder son, also a singer is also publicly known as the Spanish Tom Jones. Of late, he is enjoying his retirement. The younger Jordi also a singer is up and rising.

As a musician, it was in the 60's when Dyango started performing and singing wherever he could anywhere he could. It was the 1970's, when Dyango became a proper recording artist after EMI's Latin branch offered him a contract. As he made his debut in 1975, it was not long before Dyango became a heart throb. His fame and music was huge not only in his Spain but it spread to South America and the Latin populace of North America. There was no looking back for Dyango. During the 1980's and after, Dyango also recorded music for the Latin branches of RCA. He would also record for the Latin Polygram. Dyango's name is forever etched in Spanish music history for his ballads that have brought together many a lover. Everywhere in the Latin speaking regions, Dyango is one of those legendary musicians music lovers of all demographics love.
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