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Dwele is the modern reincarnation of a Detroit artist from the 1950s in the 21st century. He has drawn influence from the soul legends of the past and has managed to sound new, incorporating the undeniable power of modern hip hop. Dwele tickets are on sale now as he hopes his fifth studio album, W.W.W., will catapult him into stardom.

Born in Detroit on February 14, 1978 and raised in a city in sharp decline, Dwele, born Andwele Gardner, found solace in music. His family introduced him to music very early. He began playing the piano at the age of six and took up the guitar, bass, and trumpet a few years later. The tragic shooting of his father in front of his home pushed Dwele further into music. There he could express his anger and heartache in a genre fueled by similar calamity.

He recorded a demo in his bedroom and the demo, The Rize, found its way into the hands of Slum Village producer J. Dilla. J. Dilla tracked down Dwele and had him sing the hook for Slum Village's song "Tainted" on the album Trinity. He carried on as a featured artist until 2003 when Virgin Records signed him to a long-deserved record contract.

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Dwele released Subject, his debut studio album, later that year. The album was a soul throwback while simultaneously embracing hip hop. This sound shocked many, who say him as a rapper instead of a neo-soul singer. As the world of hip hop became a fuzzy genre, taking samples from neo-soul and contemporary R&B singer like himself and placed rhymes from rappers in between hooks, his talents kept him gainfully employed.

Subject earned praise from critics who recognized the beginning of a music movement, and even entered the Billboard 200, peaking at number 108. Each of his three next studio albums would see an improvement in that Billboard position. His sophomore album Some Kinda… peaked at number 54, his third album Sketches of a Man peaked at number 35, and his latest album W.W.W. (W.ants W.orld W.omen) has reached number 28 in just its first week.

This is a singer whose star is growing and who is destined to outlast many of his contemporaries. Get your Dwele tickets cheap from OnlineSeats to see this soulful hip hop artist on tour in 2010 as he plays concerts throughout the U.S. to promote his latest album.

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