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So far, Drums and Tuba have released: Box Fetish (1997); Flying Ballerina (1998); Flatheads & Spoonies (1999); Vinyl Killer (2001); Mostly Ape (2002); Live: Hoboken, NJ 5/14/2004 (2004) and Battles Ole (2005).

Their current recording label is Righteous Babe Records. The trio is booked for the whole of summer with performances throughout the country in Plush, Winston's, Spaceland, Crystal Bay Club, Ciao Reno, The Viper Room, On the Rox, The Sweetwater Saloon, Jambalaya, Sunset Tavern, Urban Lounge, The Record Bar, Dan's Silverleaf to name a few.

Battle Ole Features: Two Dollars; Four Notes Of April; The Parting Surface; Magnum Opie; If I Die and Complicated Sorrow. The band is joned by other talented musicians like Rich Vogel (organ); Becky Wasden (background vocals); Ben Ellman (saxophone) and Molly Pate (French horn).

For a band that has stayed true to its style, Drums & Tuba is still. This band is for those who like their music challenging with a strong sense of rhythm.
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Originally New Yorkers but formed in Austin, Texas, Drums & Tuba originated with Tony Nozero and Brian Wolff. The twosome, then known as Just Drums and Tuba played pubs and clubs during weekends in downtown Austin's Sixth Street. The reason these then newcomers sold tickets is because their music is an innovative blend of progressive metal, classical jazz, and electronic/industrial rock.

Neal McKeeby and Brian Wolff were once in a band called "Hominy Bop". Neal McKeeby joined the band after a while. The line up is Tony Nozero (drums, percussion, electronics); Brian Wolff (Tuba, trumpet and trombone) and Neal McKeeby (Guitar). T.E.C. Tones gave the boys a record deal. In 1991, their debut "Box Fetish" was released. Sooon after, their second effort,"The Flying Ballerina followed". In 1999, the band shifted to My Pal God Records with whom they released Flatheads and Spoonies. In the later half of 1999, there were some problems within the band. Brian moved to New York City to study music at New York University while Tony moved to Chicago. After a temporary split, in 1998 the boys regrouped after Ani DiFranco, a fan of their music, asked them to open for her band.

DiFranco spent a long time in Austin because of her music career. A recording engineer she met at Austin's Congress House Studios had introduced her to Drums & Tuba's sound. When touring began, their camaraderie was on again. The vibe, the adrenalin and sheer rush of performing for thousands of music lovers brought them together again. The boys music was a mixture of various genres of music. However, fans went crazy and loved the fact that it was mainstream without it being an utter sell-out. A 7" called Borscht was released in 2000. Cairo followed within the same year. In 2000, Drums & Tuba went on tour and opened again for Di Franco's group, Galactic. Plans were on to release their next album. DiFranco signed up the boys on her Righteous Babe Records. 2001 saw the release of "Vinyl Killer". For the album, DiFranco took up production duties along with Andrew "Goat Boy" Gilchrist. In 2002, "Mostly Ape" was released. Their last album is 2005's Battles Olé .
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