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Dresden Dolls secured their fan thanks to their Weimar-era German cabaret with the rock and roll of Joan Jett and the Violent Femmes. The name of the band is derived from many things: the firebombing of Dresden in Germany, the porcelain dolls of pre-war Dresden, a song by The Fall with the same name, among many other things. The band is full of theatrics and drama. Their albums are dark but witty, sly and often playfully erotic. Though their songs are sometimes very obscure and sometimes full of pop sensibilities. A natural on stage, she carelessly whispers, sniffles, scat-sings, murmurs asides, and frequently cracks up at her own lyrics, all the while playing respectable piano. Mime-faced drummer Brian Viglione supplies tactful brushwork for her verses, and sets mighty tom rolls for grand finales. Viglione's drumming has elevated and matches Palmer in dramatic flair. It comes across as more dynamic and impressive than before.

"A is for Accident"their first album was released on May 27, 2003 by Important Records , is a compilation of live recordings from 2001-2003. In 2003, they released "Dresden Dolls", produced and directed by Martin Bisi at Brooklyn's The Old American Can Factory in Gowanus. Two songs from the album, "Coin-Operated Boy" and "Girl Anachronism", a frenetic, fast-paced psychopathic rant with delightful and humorous undertones reached #12 and #30 respectively. On April 18, 2006, Dresden Dolls released "Yes, Virginia". The album debuted at #42 on the Billboard 200 US charts and sold 19,047 units in the First week itself. Songs include Sex Changes; Backstabber; Modern Moonlight; My Alcoholic Friends; Delilah ; Dirty Business ; First Orgasm; Mrs. O.;Shores of California; Necessary Evil; Mandy Goes to Med School; Me & the Minibar and Sing.

Fans of Dresden Dolls include Beck and Perry Farrell. Palmer's songwriting talent ranges from tortured to sarcastic to seductive to virtually everything else.
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Tickets to their concerts are bought by fans of drama as much as they are by music lovers. After all, the Dresden Dolls consisting of the very talented duo from Boston, songwriter Amanda Palmer (piano, vocals), and Brian Viglione (drums) play cabaret music with a Kurt Weill- influenced punk rock modern twist. Dresden dolls performed for the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony in Cambridge through a webcast performance. Brian Vigilone takes his percussive cues from Minor Threat and Elvin Jones. The Dresden Dolls foremost have individuality, a totally original sound and most of all their no holds barred approach to playing music with raw passion. Palmer's lyrical stylings are borrowed from Tori Amos's school of provocation.

The Dresden Dolls may be only two in number but they make up the shortage with good melodies, quality instrumentation/playing, gutsy and dynamic singing. The lyrics are interesting, off the beaten path and their shows definitely worth a watch for those who seek a great show and goos music. Tickets to the band are coveted , so get them while you can.
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