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Dredg is a rock band that hails from Los Gatos, California. The band was formed in the 1990's and consists of vocalist and guitarist Gavin Hayes, bassist Drew Roulette, guitarist Mark Engles and drummer Dino Campanella. The band began hitting the clubs and joints before even graduating from high school.

The band self released their first EP, "Orph." The were eventually signed by Interscope two years later and reissued the album, "Leitmotif" in 2001. The band then embarked on a tour of Europe with Alien Ant Farm. It was a great experience for the band as they got to play with an established artists like Alien Ant Farm. Their touring got the band a respectable fan base.
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The band continued to scale the heights of success with the release of the album, "El Cielo" in 2002. The band released their next album, "Bug Eyes" in 2005. Catch this band live and they will energize you with their music. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets.


Bug Eyes - 2005
Catch Without Arms - 2005
El Cielo - 2002)
Leitmotif - 2001
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