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In 2003, Down the Line's debut album, "Welcome to Flavortown" was released. The album features: Martyr; Last Call Unconditional; Nominal; Dion; All Wrong; Here I Am; Come On Home; Smokin'; I'll Stay and Cold in the Morning. Blake Cooper, an excellent American Drummer collaborated with "Down the Line" in creating the album.

With the success of their debut, fans and everyone else worried whether the youngsters could come up with a decent enough album. Down the Line proved all people wary of their talent and survival wrong. Their second effort, "Please remember my name" was released in 2005 also was a success. The songs of the album include: Please Remember My Name; Settle for Me ; Running to Me; Change Your Mind ; I Don't Want to Sing ; Boy Like Me ; Love to Kill; Shadow of a Doubt; Down Together ; Just the Wind ; Wait 'Til Tomorrow ; I Guess You Know Me Now; Two hands and Used to be. Down the line's "Last Call" from their album. DOwn the Line or their music has been featured on Q101, WXRT, CLTV's "Metromix: The Show, WCKG, WBEZ and WGN-TV". The band has performed and toured throughout the nation. Also, they won WGN-TV Morning News battle of the bands.

Fans buy tickets and records because they are foremost an exceptionally talented band creating truly original music. Not easy to bracket them in a category, it is a rare music with an "organic" sound.
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Anyone who has seen Down the Line perform will notice rare instruments. These boys from Chicago, Illinois have sold thousands of tickets to folk in their home state of Illinois and throughout America because true talent does not remain submerged for too long. Down the Line creates lovely melodies, writes thought-provoking poetry and performs with all the zeal required from a rock band. The band has 3 vocalists and all the members are good looking.

Down the Line is Levi Britton (acoustic guitars and vocals), Dan Meyers (harmonica, mandolin, violin, vocals), Derek Fawcett (djembe, vocals) and Dave Rothkopf (acoustic guitars, bass, vocals). A wonderful pop band their sound is a perfect blend of acoustic instruments (guitar, mandolin, violin, harmonica and djembe), great vocal harmonies. Their fans are spread over all age-groups. The oldies like them for their sound while the young girls like them for their sound and good looks. A very peppy album, before you know you will be on your toes dancing away to the music the talented boys churn out.

Performing Songwriter magazine called Down the Line, "the new wave of college rock" while they were called "an organic blend of rollicking pop" by the Chicago Sun-Times. Their latest album was produced by Deaf Dog Music in general and John Ovnik in particular. "The music: Hearkening back to '70's country-rock harmonies and bands like Loggins and Messina, Chicago's Down the Line...plies unique pop", opined the Grand Rapids Press.
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