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Most of the Emcees have their music produced by Paper Tiger who is currently in the process of releasing his own album. A Graphic Designer, he comes up with all the visuals for the Doomtree artists. MK Larada, like Paper Tiger, is a producer who has worked with Doomtree's artists. Also, he is their resident artist. Lazerbeak, also a producer has worked with Doomtree and other Minneapolis hip=hop musicians. Besides taking up guitar duties for the indie band, "The Plastic Constellations", he is working on his upcoming album with some help from Michtan. As the most prolific and popular Doomtree DJ to spin at performances, he travelled the country performing and promoting P.O.S.'s album, Audition. In return, P.O.S. Calls him the "best DJ in the world". Three other producers with Doomtree are Emynd, Emily Bloodmobile and Tom Servo. Emynd has worked with the Doomtree lot. Servo has worked on tracks for Sims and Dessa besides playing the occasional set at Doomtree performances. Emily Bloodmobile, has shied away and hidden her true identity from the public and chooses to remain unknown.

Though they belong to the same group and are often working and assisting each other in their albums/ performances, a full crew live performance is a rarity. Though they did perform at the Second Annual "blowout" at First Avenue. Doomtree were ecstatic when asked to perform recently at the "Hip-Hop and Harmony" festival at Harmony Park in southern Minnesota in the summer of 2006.

An up and coming set of talented youngsters. Tickets to their performances are a must. After all, nothing ever beats the excitement of a live performance.
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A hip-hop collective though their influence is punk. Originating from Minnesota, they are formed of Cecil otter Dessa; Emily Bloodmobile; Emynd Lazerbeak; Marshall Larada; Mike Mictlan; Paper Tiger p.o.s.; Sims Tom Servo and Turbo Nemesis. Music lovers buy tickets and their albums because their self-introspective lyrics can relate to anyone. Their catchy tunes also help the rest of the audience sway their hips.

All the emcees have released different albums. P.O.S. has two albums released under Rhymesayers and Doomtree label. P.O.S.'s debut was, Ipepac Neat which was released in 2005. Also, in 2006 with his fellows from Doomtree Sims and Turbo Nemesis for the promotion of his album, Audition. P.O.S. Is the leader of the group. Besides he performs with punk band, "Building better Bands". Cecil Otter: "Hung Over-seas", released with Doomtree's False hopes in 2003. Otter saw himself as a finalist in 2004 Presidential election's national spoken word competition. IN 2005, he released his next album, Cecil Otter's False hopes. In 2006, Otter released "Rebel Yellow', his full-length album. Sims released "Lights out Paris", his first full-length album in July 2005. His album reflects the nihilism and the dissatisfaction he experiences living in 21st Century America. A strong spokesman against fundamentalism, the album has a lot of mention. Dessa, an accomplished spoken word poet, performs mostly with Violinist Jessy Greene (guest artist in P.O.S. 's Audition).also, she released several of Doomtree's False Hopes album. Last but not the least, Mictlan. "Deity for Hire" and "Deity for Re-hire" are both albums he released with Doomtree's False Hopes. Of late, he is working on producing and writing an album for Lazerbeak.
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