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In 1965, Ashley Kozak of Brian Epstein's NEMS Enterprises became Donovan's new manager. Fate smiled on Donovan, when Kozak introduced him to Allen Klein (who would later manage the rolling Stones) who further introduced him to producer Mickey Most (The Animals, Herman's Hermits). With Most, Donovan's career was on a roll. They cut tracks with the finest of London's music scene including, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page (both future members of Led Zeppelin), big Jim Sullivan, Danny Thompson and Jack Bruce. Drummer, Tony Carr and saxophonist/flutist Harold McNair, both of Jazz backgrounds played on many of Most produced, Donovan recording. Donovan was accompanied by both these jazz musicians when he toured the US.

In 1966, Donovan adopted the flower-power, peacenik route. With it, his music too was influenced by the new wave of East Coast musicians simultaneously immersing himself in blues, jazz and Eastern music. With Mickie Most and arranger John Cameron, Donovan collaborated on "Sunshine Superman," one of the first ever psychedelic pop records. In 1965, Donovan faced some legal mess where Donovan took a hiatus and holidayed in Greece. He returned to London where he contributed lyrics and vocals for the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. In late 1966, Donovan signed a deal worth $1,00,000 with CBS subsidiary Epic Records. "Sunshine Superman" was released as a single Stateside. A crucial American breakthrough, it sold 8,00,000 copies in just six weeks. Eventually, it reached #1. Gems from the LP are "Bert's Blues" (homage to his mentor Bet Jansch), "The Fat Angel"( for The "Mamas and the Papas" singer, "Mama" Cass Elliott), "Legend Of A Girl Child Linda" and the stately "Guinevere". This album also initiated the use of Sitar, played by Shawn Phillips, an old friend and regular contributor. However, the version released for UK had a different track order. Sadly, it did not include "The Fat Angel", "The Trip" and "Ferris Wheel",and in its place were "Hampstead Incident", "Young Girl Blues", "Writer In The Sun" and "Sand And Foam". On 24th October, 1966, Donovan released "Mellow Yellow" with Epic records.

In 1966, Donovan became the first prolific British musician to be arrested with marijuana due to which he was refused entry to the U.S. and thus was unable to play at the Monterey international Pop festival.

Donovan has come a long way as the musician who initiated psychedelia in Britain. His tours and performances are reminiscent of the 60's flower power experience. A spiritual man, Donovan is always exciting and changing as he matures. Buy tickets to his show and recall the wonder the 60s were for music and pop culture in general.
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As an 18 year old, Donovan went from being a struggling artist to appearing on the pop show "Ready Steady Go" within a few months. From the beginning of his career when Elkan Allen, producer of the aforementioned show gave him his key to stardom till now, Donovan's fans have bought tickets and records throughout his tremendous career. Donovan is the musician who taught finger-picking guitar playing to John Lennon and George Harrison. Popular myth is Donovan introduced jimmy Page to Robert Plant. Collaborating with Alice Cooper on the song " Billion Dollar Rubies" gives them the distinction of world's first duet between two rock 'n' roll superstars.

Born as Donovan Philips Leitch in Glasgow,Scotland on May 10, 1946, Donovan has emerged with a distinctive style of jazz,pop,world and psychedelia. His blend of musical stylings can be traced to the fact that he emerged when British folk was at its peak. Buddy Holly and Everly Brothers brought him to rock and roll.
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