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The albums released include ; "Erotic Massage" (1997), "Experiments in Alchemy" (1998), "The Embryo's in bloom" (2000), "The Anarchists of good taste" (March 6, 2001), "Mutilated Genitals EP" (September 3, 2001), "Committed to a bright future" (May 6, 2003), "May of the dead "(June 2004), "The city is alive tonight... Baltimore" (January 25, 2005) and "Adultery" (2006). Serj Tankian of "System of A Down" was featured in "Mushroom Cult" from "The Anarchists of good taste" album. The concept of "Adultery" revolves around a guy in his thirties who is "riddled" with a wife and kids. Tired of his corporate routine, he begins to dabble with drugs, prostitutes and gives in to his hedonistic desires. Ultimately he turns into a vicious Homicidal maniac. The music sways from metal to psychedelic to even country, lounge and jazz. Nevertheless, the skill of the band ensured a good album. The tracks of Adultery are: The Uninvited Guest"; "The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington"; "Silent Film"; "Sweet Insanity"; "Desert Grave"; "Moonlight City Drive"; "Private Eye"; "The Darkest Days"; "Dead Virgins Don't Sing"; "The Hitchhiker"; "100 Suicides" ; "Adultery" and "Mature Audiences Only". "Desert Grave" was inspired by Music legend Johnny Cash. In the album, the band slips into different genres in complete ease.

DFD sounds a bit like "Faith No More" and "Mr. Bungle" at times. Their music can brilliantly shift from heavy metal to gentle piano with haunting, painful lyrics. Todd Smith sometimes even belts with a falsetto, when requires. Else, he is stellar with the screams. Todd Smith, in simple words, is a wonderful, versatile singer. The dark and grim lyrics of their records will mesmerize and creep into your system. Dog Fashion Disco is prescribed to music fans spanning all genres. Their lyrics, though sometimes outrageous, are always hilarious, their drumming is fantastic but as mentioned earlier, the nutty, crazy Todd Smith is the icing on the cake. Though, live concert tickets are always the better call to enjoy the Dog Fashion Disco experience.
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Dog Fashion Disco's current line-up includes, Todd Smith (Vocals), Jason Stepp (Guitar), John Ensminger( drums), Brian White (Bass) and Jeff Siegel on keyboards. Throwing caution to the wind comes easy to the boys, the band has done a lot of norm and hygiene-defying stunts for the fans who have bought their tickets. From having defecated on the fans to creating concept music, this group has created mob riots and fan frenzies of sorts.

Dog Fashion Disco are famed for fusing many genres to create a mad mix of great music. Like their hero, the uncategorizeable "Mr. Bungle", the boys too have blended classic jazz, 70's psychedelic pop, piano recital etc. Dog fashion Disco aka DFD were initially known as "Hug the Retard". Common sense made the boys realize, masses might be offended and hence the name switch. Despite the ins and outs of various band mates, the sometimes twisted band's sound has remained i.e. Ever-evolving, ever-- recycling and ever- entertaining.
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