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Legendary singer Doc Waston is considered to be one of the revolutionary guitarist and singer of
present century. Doc Waston made his mark and revived the music industry with his own unique
and innovative style. His music is blend of folk music, country songs, bluegrass and gospel
Which distinguishes him from other musicians. Doc Waston has spent his entire life making and
experimenting new and innovative music. He is still popular among his fans and recognized every where in the world. He is the source of inspiration for many aspiring guitarists. His shows are always full of huge crowds and aspiring musicians. Getting tickets for the performance of Doc Waston is not very easy. We can help you to get your tickets soon.

Doc Waston is honored with the the awards like National medal of arts, National Heritage fellowship and he won seven Grammy awards for his incomparable music. Don Waston also invented the technique of playing mountain fiddle tunes on the flattop guitar. He has more than fifty recordings most of them are critically acclaimed in al over the world. This legendary singer was born in Deep Gap, Nc on march 23,1923. His family has a strong musical background both his parents were performers. Doc showed his musical talent at his early stage playing chords on guitar. He started his musical career playing family and popular tunes in guitar in his neighborhood. His music is tremendously influenced by traditional , folk and bluegrass music.

Over the years Doc became a great performer performing in numerous events and stage shows.
In his performances Doc Waston was accompanied by his son merl playing guitar and banjo. Doc Waston was also associated with band Frosty Morn and toured with band making their music popular in Europe, Africa and japan. Doc's recordings includes sitting here, picking he blues,Doc and boys,Tennesee stud etc.No doubt Doc Waston is a music icon and appreciated for his innovative folklife and acoustical music.
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Doc Waston is one of the most respected and influential folk guitar stylist in America. His music reflects his love for his motherland He can still entertain with his hot flatpicking tunes,slow romantic ballads, timeless melodies and soul touching gospel songs. His performances has definite clarity and shows his dedication to music. His shows are in fact a perfect crowd pulling tool. After his son's death Doc accepts only limited assignments and performs occasionally. You will energetic and refresh your soul with the melodies of Doc. To get tickets for the performance of this legendary performer is not easy. click here and get your tickets .
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