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Do Make Say Think is a Canadian instrumental post-rock band which came together at the same platform in 1995 from Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed purposely as recording project. Following their aim, the band members started rehearsing in an empty elementary school room. There they named their band by taking four simple verbs 'Do', 'Make', 'Say' and 'Think' from the walls of the room. The band refined their music and sound further in 1996 while practicing in the rehearsal room in the basement of the radio station CIUT of University of Toronto. Their music was gaining a characteristic sound containing jazz style drums and space style electronic effects with distorted guitars and wind instruments.

In 1997, the band released their self-entitled debut CD. Re-issuing their work, Constellation Records has been associated with the band since 1998. The band talented and energetic musicians of the band include Ohad Benchetrit, James Payment, Justin Small and Charles Spearin. These four members are among the founding members of the band. In addition to these four members, Jason MacKenzie played drums, keyboards and electronics on the first two records whereas Dave Mitchell joined the band in 1998. The band also gets timely contributions in records and concerts, from horn players Brian Cram and Jay Baird.

Do Make Say Think released many critically acclaimed pieces and records. The records created by the band presents the novelty of the mixtures of psych, jazz, punk and electronica. This is one of the remaining band in today's date who has well managed sound with complete balance of noise, superb composition, finest lyrics, innovative blend and editing with beautiful tinges of melody. They have taken over the many familiar confines of generic post-rock with every album. The band is rocking the music world with its distinctive sound with instrumental rock. Their fantastic music has earned them a huge fan base in North America and Europe. Their constant touring has helped them to create a big devoted audience.
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Do Make Say Think records is famous for creating a unique and re-imagined music with every new record and release. But still the band has maintained their style and gets popular with every new creation. Charles and Ohad have appeared as a typical production team which is now working out of Ohad's Toronto studio th'Schvitz. Other than recording for the band, members are engaged with many other groups like Justin's untidy garage-soul rave-up Lullabye Arkestra, Charles' association with Kevin Drew in KC Accidental and Broken Social Scene. One of the important project handled by one the members is Brian Cram's schlock-metal outrage "Gesundheit", which has enrolled many band's members for the group's recordings and Eastern European tour. James has co-founded New Glue records in order to represent local projects in Toronto.

The famous song "Chinatown" from the band's LP "Yet & Yet" which was released in 2002, has been featured in the movie "Syriana" starring George Clooney and the movie "The Corporation". Currently the band is on 20-day tour with Broken Social Scene from mid-October to mid-November all the way down the USA east coast and back including London and Toronto.
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