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Django Reinhardt was born on the 23 of January 1910 in a village named "Liberchies" in the picturesque Belgium and lived upto the 16th of May 1953.In this short time span Django's contribution to the world of music is beyond words. He was a wonderful guitarist and one of the greatest jazz guitarists that the world has seen to date. His tunes like "Belleville", "Nuages" are splendid.
His association with music began very early in life and his interest and talent in music was evident from the beauty with which he played the guitar and violin. Inspite of severe burns in an accident at the age of 18 Django got back to playing the guitar with the same enthusiasm as before. His inability to read or write music was also not a hurdle in his path to being an accomplished guitarist.
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His tours after the second world war were very successful .He also gave birth to a new band which included the piano, bass, drums, trumpet and the saxophone. His Djangology was a big hit and Django came to be acknowledge as one of the greatest guitarists in the world of jazz.
The year 1951 saw the retirement of this great maestro and his end came soon in the year 1953.Django is undoubtedly the king of guitar in the world of jazz.
His fans have kept alive his music till today and have brought for you the Django Reinhardt jazz festival is here for you to enjoy. The show promises to be a memorable experience transporting you into an entirely musical world.The tickets for the show are made available online for your convenience. Book your tickets now to be a part of the world of jazz. Do not miss out on this great opportunity. BOOK NOW!!
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