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Music fans alert...!!! Experience the once of a lifetime opportunity as DJ Shadow turns tables along with Cut Chemist, playing the tunes of Hip Hop Vanguard and Afrika Bambaataa. All of this, exclusively on their Renegades of Rhythm tour, this season.

DJ Shadow will bring all the memories and best moments of Bambaataa to life, especially with his foot tapping and genre busting numbers. Shadow will make use of 40,000 archived vinyl records of Bambaataa, making the people relive the pleasure of the older times. 

The loyal fans of Shadow are in for a royal treat; all his songs include the likes of rap, soul, calypso, soca, salsa as well as dub. The vinyl records were a sure shot giveaway of Bambaataa’s favorite numbers. The rub down on the records and the number of times each record had been played, helped Shadow and Cut Chemist narrow down their searches to bring some of the best numbers of that time. 

DJ Shadow, or Josh Davis, has played an instrumental role in developing the hip hop style music with the Mo Wax label. Over the years, he’s produced series of music; with the rise of trap, and juke, Shadow had outdone himself and given his best to the music industry. In 2014, he promises to make it worth the visitors while. As per him, the tour of 2014 is going to “very different”. Now it’s upon the people to see how well DJ Shadow is able to woo the hearts and minds of the people with his spinning music and viral tunes.

Some of his best tracks include the likes of best foot forward, building steam with a grain of salt, the number song, and mutual slump. While these are some of the best selling numbers topping the charts, there are many others which have left a mark on the hearts, minds and souls of the people.

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