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Born on the 18th of January,1970 as David Martin Blake – DJ Quik belongs to the genre of West Coast hip hop. He belongs to the picturesque Compton in California and his creations make his skill at rapping very evident He has developed a very distinct style of his own over the years and his quality of music is remarkable.
His song writing skills came to the limelight with the success of his debut album "Quik is the Name" .The singles "Tonite" and "Born and raised in Compton" were big hits. He has worked with several eminent artistes like Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg and Whitney Houston to name a few and has created great music during these associations.
Life has been a struggle for Quik but he has come out successful from all the difficult circumstances. The death of his friend Mausberg and his best friend Daryl Reed were very difficult times in his life when he underwent great trauma and grief.
He released his second album in the year 1992 titled "Way 2 Funky" followed by "Safe + Sound" in 1995.The year 1998 saw the release of his album "Rhythm-al-ism" followed by "Balance & Options" in 2000.The album "Under The Influence" was released in 2002.
In the year 2005 Quik went on to launch his own label named "Mad Science Recordings" and released his album "Trauma" on his own label.
His singles like "Sweet Black Pussy", "Trouble", "Pitch in on a Party" have been big hits. Dj Quik has over the years added many fans to his already huge fan list. The live shows of Quik are big hits and he plays to packed houses of crazy fans who wait for just a glimpse of their favourite star.
The tickets to the DJ Quik show are made available online and can be yours at just the click of the mouse. The show would be a great experience for all music lovers. Book your tickets Now to avoid disappointment. Be there and don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to catch up on some great music.
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