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DJ Irene while hanging out in Eastside clubs caught the Djing bug. She started Djing at Madonna-influenced parties like Kitty's in Montobello. In 1984, while studying Photography in College, she met Henry DeLapena. DeLapena guided her and DJ Irene took off from there. Wanting a career in Hollywood's club scene, she learnt the ropes from watching Dj's like Michael Angelo perform. She auditioned successfully at Circus Disco. After which he landed next door at Arena, a new club with a great dance floor. In the mid-'90s, Irene introduced a bouncy new sound from gay U.K. called "hard house". The sound caught on with straight SoCal cheesy clubbers, post-ravers, and circuit-partygoers. Tragically, this was also the time she fell into her methamphetamine addiction. In 1997, she received her first CD deal and Groove Radio 103.1 broadcast her performances at Arena live.

Irene holds one of the longest running residencies with her nine-year gig at Circus Disco. An achievement in LA's club circuit. DJ Irene mixes trances, hard house, disco or anything that catches her momentary fancy. DJ Irene has performed for humongous audiences like the AIDS Danceathon when it used to be at the sports arena, Monster Mathers again in a sports arena and then the Hollywood Boulevard New Year's Eve. DJ Irene is one of the rare, modern globe-trotting DJs who learnt to mix on the legendary, obsolete Bozak rotary mixer. In a career spanning over a decade, she has released LA 5 Underground House Mix (1997) ; Hard House Live at the Legendary Arena (1997); Club Series (1998); UC 98 (1998); Hard House Diva (1998); Club Series (1998); Underground Assault (1998); Progressive Dance Mix Vol. 1 (1999); Something Hard (1999); Progressive Dance (1999); Club Series II (1999); Global House Diva (2000); Global House Diva 2 (2001); Audio Underground (2001); Phonosynthesis (2002); Fearless (2003); Rockstar (2004) and DJ Irene Live (2005).

Fans of all styles of Electronica and even Rock buy tickets to her show as she infuses guitars with electronic beats. A force to reckon with. She has been performing almost every weekend for about a decade now. She hasn't only survived but is esteemed in a male-dominated industry.
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Clubbers and party-goers in LA sweat the night out dancing to DJ Irene's music. Music lovers who buy her tickets swear by her high-octane energy she creates on the dance floor. To add to it, she's the highest selling female DJ ever.

Life hasn't always been butterflies and rainbows for DJ Irene. During the 90s she suffered and overcame a methamphetamine addiction. DJ Irene, who doesn't reveal her real name, grew up in a Mexican-American family. Her father, an alcoholic, worked in auto-body repair. Her mother was a garment worker and fanatic about dancing. Mom was emotionally unstable and needed to be medicated frequently. When not hiding in her room, she'd run to neighbors home or down the street. At 13, her elder brother gave her a used stereo system which had an attached turntable. In addition, he gave her 5 records (Jim Croce to Classical) which she has till now.
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