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Resurrecting as a band with new sound, they were back in the studio working on their third album, "Ain't my fault". After well- received performances at the Krannert Center (IL), Kennedy Center (D.C.) and newfound popularity on the web, Dixie Power Trio became a tour de force as East Coast's best New Orleans music ensemble. Simultaneously, they began performing occasionally as the "New Line Brass band". Their third album "Bad Spud" was released. Yet gain, there were a few changes in the line-up. Ryan left while Byron returned; with his kids grown up, he had more time to spare. Wayne realized a spiritual calling and left the band, later to be replaced by Gantt Kushner. The last alteration was when Wilkinson rejoined the band. Using Classical New Orleans instrumentation like the tuba and accordion, the Dixie Power trio dabbles with material from Jelly Roll Morton, Lou Reed to Louis Armstrong, The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Dr. John to The Neville Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Dr.John, Chuck Berry and even the Ramones. They have carefully and lovingly re-invented classics. Bottomline, they make each song their own. The best part being, neither the fans nor the critics seem to complain. Nevertheless, they still retain their true-blue New Orleans repertoire in which they take great pride.

Absolutely fearless, these risk-takers would not have achieved the acclaim lest they were too scared. Fans buy tickets to watch these funny, daring and most of all very talented quartet mesmerize their audience. An extremely witty, funny and original band. Ticket-buyers come from all walks, including College students, rustic folksy people, ordinary music lovers. However, the effect of great music is undeniable among all.
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For a group that calls themselves a trio, they are actually a foursome. Music lovers who buy tickets to their concerts are treated to a wonderful blend of influences that range from zydeco, swing, Cajun, dixieland and rock n' roll. All in all, their musical style is a combo of all things good from New Orleans. In 1992, in a basement in Fredericksburg, VA , three guys were practicing some dixieland songs for a club date. While jamming they thought of a dixieland band that performed Rock and Roll. Hence, Dixie Power Trio was born. Members are Andy Kochenour on tuba; Byron McWilliams provides drum grooves(later replaced by Ryan Diehl);Zack on Accordion and guitar virtuoso Wayne Wilkinson. A year after the basement decision, Out of Control, their first CD was recorded. The album was received well as people were impressed with what they did with "Freebird" and "Stairway to Heaven". Eventually, the band started touring the nation while also recording their sophomore effort, "Greetings from Gumboville". With more fame came more pressure and lesser time with family, Byron dropped the band to go home and spend more time with his daughters. In his place came Ryan Diehl. Seven years of playing goofy renditions of "Stairway to Heaven" got into them and so they decided to play what they were most comfortable with. They shifted from their previous repertoire of covering classics etc and went back to their roots. Their guitarist, Bert left to pursue his dream of living in the wilderness. No more Freebird or Dueling Banjos instead it was replaced by zydeco, Cajun, jazz, and originals. Wayne Wilkinson stepped in.
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