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Formed with the band members such as Jim Wood (keyboards), Rodney Browning Cravens (guitar master), J.R. Richards (vocals, guitar, and keyboards), Pete 'Cash' Maloney (drums and general percussive energy), and Scot Alexander (bass), Dishwalla is a post-grunge alternative rock band hailing from Santa Barbara, California. But George Pendergast connection with the band was short termed as he left the band in 1998 but soon he was replaced by Pete Maloney. The most surprising part is that band got its name from an Indian term for a person who uses illegal equipment to descramble a satellite signal and share it with their neighborhood.

With the unique name, band made a banging entry into the music arena and became famous in 1996 mainly due to their hit single "Counting Blue Cars," from their album Pet Your Friends. But soon they got the tag of one hit wonder mainly because of the relatively huge success of this single compared to later works by the band. But their hit concert appearances and album release, Dishwalla proved that they have a considerable fan following. This was evident from that fact that majority of their concerts were complete sold out and people booked their tickets well in advance.
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In 1999, one of their songs "Stay Awake" was featured in the movie Stir of Echoes and the The WB series Charmed spotlighted the band as cast members in the episodes "The Painted World" and "The Devil's Music." This was the real recognition one can ever dream off. But their success was cut short as, the deal with A&M Records, Dishwalla's label with Pet Your Friends and And You Think You Know What Life's About collapsed due to some professional reasons. But they bounced back with the release of the CD entitled Opaline showcases the individual acoustic ability of each member of the band. Also their live album, that Live...Greetings from the Flow State, is also tagged as the landmark in their illustrative music career. And still if they are live in concerts people tend to book their tickets well in advance from the closest ticketing vendor.


Pet Your Friends A&M
And You Think You Know What Life's About A&M
Opaline Immergent
Live... Greetings From The Flow State
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