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It has been seen that very few bands are able to make a mark with their strange compositions and unique name. Same goes for the Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Jr is an American alternative rock band, whose songs were melodic and they also always performed at extremely high volumes. Apart from that those high volumes were comprehensively saturated with guitar noise and distortion, and frequently punctuated by J Mascis' fluent guitar solos. But sadly the band never got the commercial success, they deserved. But on the other hand they gained a loyal cult. And this is evident along with contemporaries Pixies, as an immediate precursor to the alternative rock boom of the early 1990s, personified by the success of acknowledged fans Nirvana.

Very few know that band was formed in 1983 with the name Dinosaur in Amherst, Massachusetts by J Mascis and his high school classmate Lou Barlow, after the break-up of their hardcore punk band Deep Wound. Soon they were joined by Emmett Patrick Murphy III on drums. And then in 1985 they release their debut album titled Dinosaur. The album wasn't that success but it surely fetched them critical acclaim. Later in 1987, due to the heavy fan support in Sonic Youth they signed to SST Records and released their most successful album titled You're Living All Over Me. But their this success was halted as another band called The Dinosaurs, featuring ex-members of Country Joe and the Fish and Jefferson Airplane, sued them over the use of the name.

This is when they decided to add Jr. in their band's name. Soon, after this they went onto tour in support their third album Bug and mind you all the tickets were sold well in advance. But during the tour, Barlow was kicked out of the band, and he shifted his attention to his former side-project Sebadoh. By the time Murph continued to tour with Dinosaur. In 1992, the band became the part of of the "Rollercoaster" tour, a package tour based on the successful "Lollapolooza" festival, which featured The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine & Blur. This tour too was a great hit and in 1993 they released their new album titled Where You Been. The opening track was aired on MTV for a short time, as the show 120 Minutes was still popular as a late-night "alternative" video show.
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But after 1997's Hand It Over release Mascis finally retired the Dinosaur Jr. In 1999 he released the first of two solo albums under the name J Mascis and the Fog. But in 2006 they all re-joined and band released its first DVD. Currently the band is gearing up for their new release slated to release next year. But right now the band is on tour and if it is touring your city then this is the time to book your tickets now from closest ticketing vendor.


Dinosaur Homestead
You're Living All Over Me
Bug SST (reissued 2005 on Merge Records)
Green Mind Blanco y Negro / Sire
Where You Been Blanco y Negro / Sire
Without a Sound Blanco y Negro / Sire
Hand It Over
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