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Lolita Torres' son Diego Antonio Caccia Torres is an Argentine pop singer and composer. Diego entered show business in the mid-'80s while playing roles in soap operas targeted at the young audiences. His music career began with a band called Marca, which broke up in 1991 when he decided to start a solo career. He got a record deal a year later. Produced by Cachorro López, the album Diego Torres was rewarded platinum thrice. He then started working on Tratar De estar Mejer. The album sold 700,000 copies worldwide, launching the singer's career in Latin America.

After teaming up with producer Celso Valli, the album Luna Nueva was released in 1996. The album became gold, and was rewarded platinum in Argentina. Diego recorded his fourth album in 1999. The album was named "Tal Cual Es". It showed Diego's talent and creativity to compose and mix different latin sounds, such as flamenco guitars as well as various other tropical sounds. In 2001 he recorded his next album "Un Mundo Diferente" in Buenos Aires and Miami. The album presented a variety of international styles and merged several latin rhythm styles. In 2004, Diego got the opportunity of recording MTV Unplugged which was aired in the MTV networks of Brazil, Latin America, Spain and United States . On March 4th, 2004 he performed the 18th Latin "MTV Unplugged" in "Estudios Baires" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The recording was also produced on CD and DVD.
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Diego's latest album, Andando has various release dates across the world. Argentina got the album on July 25 2006. It was released in the US on August 15th while Spain and Latin America would get on August 29th and September 8th respectively. The album's first single Abriendo Caminos is a duet featuring the popular Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra.

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