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Born in London, England on Christmas Day 1971, Dido started off playing music at just five years of age. At ten, she could play both the violin and piano, and was accepted into the Guildhall School of Music in London. As a teenager, Dido travelled around the UK performing with her classical ensemble. Dido's first vocal gig came on an album ("Reverence") for Faithless, a band her brother Rollo had formed, with Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz. The release came out in 1995, and it received favorable reviews. Faithless toured the world for the next two years, selling an excellent five million copies of their album. Dido readied her first album "No Angel", which was an album with solid vocals and lyrics. Combining Dido's love for warm acoustic sounds and her brother's fascination for beats and all things electronic, the album is both modern and classic at the same time. Dido's melodic and soulful voice stands her apart from up and coming musicians. When the album was finished, and Dido had a product to finally sell, she was able to get signed to Cheeky Records, who had also signed Faithless. The album was finally released in the US early 1999 to critical appreciation, but gained little attention.
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Dido continued to promote her work - performing in clubs, and in as many festivals as she could, including Lilith Fair, as well as her song "Thankyou" being contributed to the soundtrack of the film, "Sliding Doors." The song collected attention, and vocals from the first verse were placed onto beat-tape, sent to rap star Eminem. He wrote a rap over the top of the beat, and used Dido's piece as the chorus. In 2002, Dido continued touring and appearing at awards shows to promote "No Angel." She won many Brit, NRJ, Bravo and ARIA awards. Dido knew the second album would be hard, as "No Angel" was so successful worldwide. It was so successful that people were hailing new artists as the "next Dido" and so the second album could quite easily have been rushed and people would still have bought it. Dido, being an artist of veracity, wanted to make sure she was proud of the album so she took her time and finally announced it was ready in July 2003.
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