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The music industry had been rocking with DeVotchKa's music from 1997 till the present date. The industry has been releasing their music on Dago Records, Cicero Recordings, Ltd and Ace Fu Records. Most of their releases have gone as big hits and they have been making records on chartbusters. On looking at the rising popularities, they have also been offered by film producers to take up their music in the films.

The band has also garnered many award presentations in different categories. The group is Denver, Colorado based that is made up of Nick Urata. He is a versatile personality who knows to sing and play theremin, is well versed with the basics to play guitar, bouzouki, piano, and trumpet; The other member is Tom Hagerman, who is playing violin, accordion, and piano; Jeanie Schroder, knows how to sing and play sousaphone and also works wonders with double bass; and the last talent is Shawn King, who is playing percussion and trumpet.

The band during its inception days used to be a backing band for burlesque shows. What gained them immense fame in their early years was their tour with fetish model Dita von Teese.

The band made many nationwide tours to hype their self released records and it also earned immense name and fame to the band.

As their songs went as mega hits, they were also taken up in the films. For example, one of their songs âââ€?¬ËÅ"How It Ends' was featured on a trailer for the film Everything Is Illuminated. This introduced the band to a wider range of audience.

Further, the band performed the best at the 2006 Bonnaroo music festival that made them the real life heroes. Their success story had no end as in between their tours, they were as they were also picked up by the first time film directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris to score Little Miss Sunshine. This was a 2006 film that went on to garner four Academy Award nominations. DeVotchKa band worked miracles with composer Mychael Danna . The duo in association to each other composed and performed the most of the music for the film's soundtrack that was nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award under the Best Compilation Soundtrack category

1. SuperMelodrama (2000)
2. Triple X Tango (2002)
3. Una Volta (2003)
4. How It Ends (2004)
5. Curse Your Little Heart (2006)
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WITH a view to do something different from commoners in the musical arena, DeVotchKa, a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble was launched in Denver, Colorado, USA. It has a right fuse of five different elements including Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, and Mariachi music associated with American punk and folk roots. The name of the band is derived from Anthony Burgess' Nadsat, a word for 'young girl,' which is also an extract from the Russian word (ÃÆ'ÂÂ?ÃÆ'Â¥ÃÆ'¢ÃÆ'®ÃÆ'·ÃÆ'ªÃÆ' ) with the same meaning. They had the genre of Indie Rock. Their music rocked the world with its perfect beats and scintillating rhythms blended with the best of the musics brought under one banner while synergising with the best tones.

The members of the band include Nick Urata who happens to be a master in playing vocals, guitars, piano, trumpet, theremin and bouzouki, Tom Hagerman who is playing Violin, accordion, piano, Jeanie Schroder, a master of Sousaphone, upright bass, vocals and Shawn King who is playing Drums, percussion, trumpet. They are all known as the lifeline to the Band as the missing of any one of the members make the music lifeless.
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