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DevilDriver is a famous metal band from America. Basically they are based in California. On October 23, 2003 they released their first album under Roadrunner Records. The band was founded by Dez Farara who formerly worked for a band called "Coal Chamber". The band has become very famous all around the world because of their extreme treatment of heavy metal. Their concert often draws many fans. That's why it's very difficult to get tickets for their concerts unless you book your tickets earlier.

Currently, DevilDriver is consisted of five band members. They are Dez farara (vocals), Mike Spreitzer (guitar), Jeff Kendrick (guitar), Jon Miller (bass), and John Boecklin (Drums). The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand, DevilDriver's second album was produced by Colin Richardson. This album became a smash hit all across the world and as a result the band's fame began to grow by leaps and bounds. In this album Farara and his members tried to give a new dimension to the treatment of metal. This album is a pure example of their collaborative effort. In their songs one would get more melody, more hooks, more solos that too in a very different manner.

Songs like "Driving Down The Darkness" and "End of the "Line" are clear and straightforward expression of fury. "Sin & Sacrifice" is a magnificent track with a DevilDriver metal twist. DevilDriver is not only a matured band in terms of lyrics, but it has got a amazing voice through Farara. Farara not only sings from his heart but fires the audience when he performs live.
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Coal Chamber has a very great impact upon Farara. But DevilDriver is the reflection of his entire musical aspirations. Fafara feels that with DevilDriver he has achieved the point of sonic nirvana. He always maintain that for DevilDriver "Devil" is the be-all, end-all. Fafara admits that death, black, and classic heavy metal are the bread and butter of their lives. DevilDriver's own style of fury, rage and darkness are world famous. Songs like "I Could Care Less," "Nothing's Wrong?" and"Die (And Die Now)," could fuel a large nation's army.

Farara often compares himself with Dr. Faustus, the famous German scholar who sold his soul to the devil to gain supreme power. He admits candidly that he has sold himself for his musical life. Farara also says that music is their soul and they just want everyone to listen their music. According to him "this band will tour until the wheels come loose".

So, what are you waiting for? Aren't you anxious to watch DevilDriver performing live? If yes, don't wait anymore. Dez Ferara's band is scheduled to tour Australia and New Zealand in September. If you are planning to watch their concerts, apply for your tickets today. You can order your tickets online too. With so many agencies and vendors ready to offer you tickets at your doorstep, you need not run from pillar to post. Sit in front of your personal computer and order your tickets. You'll get the tickets soon.
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