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Devendra Banhart's voice, a trembling high-voltage filled with emotions, is stupefying. This benignant generousness and comprehensive feeling is found scarcely these days. Whether the songs are capricious, distorted, pained, or even sometimes strangely stupid, aside from being fabulously musical and played like an expert, they are also absolutely earnest, and destitute of a single drib of post modern satire. A singer/songwriter in a era, that has been represented by psych folk, Naturalismo, New Weird America, and freak folk, Devendra Banhart is natural, an epochal feel of realism stands out in his music. He's also one of the most instinctive, gifted, magical performers. He is one of the most favorite artists to come out of the new Folk Revival Movement, which includes performers such as Nick Castro, Jana Hunter Faun Fables, Animal Collective, among others. He is also a member of the group Vetiver. Banhart himself has acknowledged his influence of music from the late 60s and early 70s Brazilian musician such as Caetano Veloso. His music tends to comprise of moderate simple guitar melodies with marginal instrumentation, and his lyrics are a great deal phantasmagoric and realistic.
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Born on 30 May, 1981, in Houston, Texas, Devendra soon moved to NYC (from SF), where he lived in a middle class life. He had a tough life in his initial years, and finally found himself a home, in Los Angeles. He, all of a sudden, found himself into a tidal wave of press acclaim, 3 or 4 US tours, tours in Europe, a special feature on NPR (for God's sake), a precarious shift to his modest life. Banhart is frequently compared to such different artists like, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, John Fahey, Marc Bolan, Daniel Johnston, Billie Holiday, Coolio and John Jacob Niles. Banhart was 'discovered' by Michael Gira of Swans, who released his Oh Me Oh My... album on his own Young God Records label in 2002. In 2005, Banhart (along with Andy Cabic and Revolver USA) formulated, the Gnomonsong record label. Presently known as Power Mineral, his most recent tour of the United States saw him perform with his band, which included Andy Cabic, Otto Hauser, Kevin Barker, Noah Georgeson, Luckey Remington, Pete Newsom and others. The band asserts to re-christen itself when a name comes to them, and has antecedently been known as Fried Hummingbird, Hairy Fairy Band, Hairy Fairy and First Woman Millionaire, Las Putas Locas, Stoner Boner, and Bathhouse Of The Winds etc. Banhart was "oral curator" for a CD compiled and released by Bastet called The Golden Apples of the Sun. This CD worked in many ways as the shaping moment in the revivification of psych-folk in the early 21st century, and coagulated Banhart's role as a prominent figure in this phenomenon for this genre in its current state. Banhart also was one of the younger musicians responsible for "rediscovering" the music of folksinger Vashti Bunyan. Bunyan is a guest vocalist on his CD, "Rejoicing in the Hands of the Golden Empress." He's rumored to write her name on his arm before every concert. He is currently in the early stages of writing and recording his next album, due for release in mid-2007.
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