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DEUS, with the restraint of not getting carried away, made an album which astonished not only with the exuberant eclecticism of their music, but also how it transited together so aesthetically. From the 60s cinematic vista of 'Theme From Turnpike' to the sugary alluring dance floor lump 'Little Arithmetics' moving towards to the pensive grunge blowup of 'Roses' to the titillating elegance of the love song 'Serpentine'.

Dues was now being dominated at vast festival audiences across Europe, people anticipated more, and DEUS did not let us down. Their most adhesive album, explored new musical path and sounds with brass instruments, strings and mellotron into their classifiable mix. Ideal Crash, exonerated the philosophy that to make successful music you don't have to create stupidly. Singles 'Instant Street', 'Sister Dew' and 'The Ideal Crash' breaked the airwaves of Europe which added to the increasing collection of DEUS classics, being prompt but also empirical. DEUS had soured to great heights and had done so on their own terms. Except for the release of their singles collection 'No More Loud Music', which made them as one of the most creative bands of the last decade and desperately compounded the heartfelt desire for their return, DEUS became a band in pursuit of fresh prospects and ideas. No one can doubt that their return will further enhance the musical canyon in aeonian motion - enthralling, confounding, heartrending and fulgurant, but would never leave one unsatisfied.
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A correlative love of all things, mutually exclusive and under-ground, conflated five gifted musicians and performers into DEUS in 1994. A modest, but vivacious Antwerp music scene implemented, that most alternative bands were friendly, runny beings; with each musician being one as in a band of five. A band who could produce a array of work that, worked for six years on its music very dedicatedly, was able to range it's blend of musical form and tone in fulgurous form but, unmistakebly, was eternally, undeniably and remarkably DEUS. The band displays a incomprehensible array of influences, including Big Star, Sonic Youth, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Mingus-style jazz, Leonard Cohen and the Velvet Underground. Accordingly, they integrate a multifariousness in their music through a intermix of Neo-Prog, Pop, Folk, Free Jazz, Punk and Heavy Metal into their work. Soon , they became one of the most eminent and prestigious Belgian rock band.
Debut album 'Worst Case Scenario' exhaled from the streets of Belgium across mainland Europe and jumped its way across the Channel, banged on the door of the musical spirit of another world. DEUS, backed up by astounding live performances throughout Europe, with success plunged into the rocking indie scene of the mid-90s and attained it with a interbred of ability and ventures that was lacking in some of the past reverent sounds of their contemporaries.
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