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Destruction is a German thrash metal band conceived in Lörrach, Germany in 1983. The band was primitively formed under the "Knight of Demon" name. Destruction recorded a demo in 1984 titled Bestial Invasion of Hell. The band is one of the three big names of Teutonic thrash metal; the other two being, Kreator and Sodom. Destruction played sub-genre of heavy metal music, one of the extreme metal sub-genres that defines high speed and aggression. They now wanted to go for a heavier and faster sound which resulted in the departure of the guitarist and the former vocalist, Schmier. That was the time, when they altered their name to Destruction. They started playing much more aggressive music, compared to its relative, speed metal. There is often significant crossover from their original music to the influence of classical music and jazz, which they started to include. Destruction plays fast tempos, low-register, quick, complex guitar riffs, and high-register guitar solos. They tightly control riffs to create a "chugging" sound, exclusively played at high speed, circumscribed by shredding. In the '90s, Destruction were not signed by any major record label and was forced to self-produce their albums, until they signed a contract with Nuclear Blast.
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Destruction is one of the former illustrious thrash metal bands from Germany. The band has a heavy influence on the American thrash metal genre. It was founded in 1983, at Weil am Rhein by Tommy Sandmann (drums), Mike Sifringer and Schmier (bass & vocals). Mike and Tommy were playing together in a band called Knight Of Demon before they formed this band. On the look out for a bass player, Schmier joined the band. They went to a small studio in Freiburg to record their very first demo called "Bestal Invasion Of Hell" on 16 tracks in 1984, which landed them a record deal with SPV Records and the release of their fist mini-LP called "Sentence Of Death". The mini-LP was a huge success in the underground and in 1985 they corroborated with Slayer for their European tour. Destruction released a couple of albums and established themselves as one of the leading thrash metal bands of Europe, over the next few years with several successful tours. They toured both North and South America as well as southern Europe, in 1987/1988. Gradually, the band started sledding in a different direction and "Release From Agony" was not given positive critics. They fired the frontman and singer Schmier in 1989, and Destruction was a completely new band. Their 1990 album "Cracked Brain" featured André Grieder as a guest vocalist. He started up a new band called Headhunter together with well-known Jörg Michael (a.o. Stratovarius), when Schmier was fired from the band in 1989. The press and fans demands for the "real" Destruction to come back, got the two original members Mike and Schmier to reform the band together with a new drummer from the local metal scene in 1999. They staged their comeback at the biggest german open air festivals - Bang Your Head, With Full Force and Wacken. They then released three more albums, All Hell Breaks Loose in 2000, The Antichrist in 2001 and Metal Discharge in 2003.
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