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Devastated phrases, lovely melodic lines, unforgettable sounds, sincere lyrics and candid influence of virtue and belief unite in this unparalleled band who pay tribute to the metal of the olden times while pushing things ahead with a contemporary aesthesia. Demon Hunter is a mode of life. Demon Hunter first busted a few years back, onto the metal scene with their self-titled debut, taking care of the emptiness left by Living Sacrifice and other full on heavy metal bands with a sacred message. Started by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark, Demon Hunter is a Christian metalcore band from Seattle, Washington. The band is bluntly Christian and verbalize their religious belief in most of their songs. Demon Hunter has many contrasting musical influences which include metal staples such as Sepultura and Machine Head. These nuances manifest clearly in the more belligerent, vocal parts and traditional metal instruments of their music. Demon Hunter integrates melody and diffusive rock into their metalcore in songs like Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. Their musical form of playing has been compared to nu metal. Demon Hunter was named 1 of 10 "Artists To Watch" by AOL Music and has received rave reviews in Revolver, Outburn and Decibel.
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In 2005, Demon Hunter's third album, "The Triptych," lidded the Billboard Heatseekers chart at No. 1 and has received astounding reviews in Revolver, Outburn and Decibel. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle, integrated by Machine with three divergent covers painted by Dan Seagrave (Morbid Angel, Suffocation). "The Triptych" is Demon Hunter's piece of work in connection to the hugely applauded "Summer Of Darkness" album, which rendered the MTV2 "Headbanger's Ball" and Fuse TV staple "Not Ready To Die." The word "triptych" is centered around the idea of three, being the band's third album. The Triptych was bigger as it sold more than twice as many records on its first week of release than Summer of Darkness had. The band was also featured on the soundtrack to "Resident Evil: Apocalypse.". "Undying" was the band's first single from this album was also made into a video, directed by Chris Sims (As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Zao). Demon Hunter's 2006 tour took place over the summer with Zao, Becoming the Archetype, August Burns Red, and Spoken. After the tour was over, the band shot a video for "One Thousand Apologies" with renowned director Darren Doane at the helm.

Ryan Clark (born 1979) : Before Demon Hunter originated , Clark was a former guitarist for Focal Point and vocalist for Training for Utopia. Clark also co-founded Seattle-based Asterik Studio with his brother Don and friend Demetre Arges in 2000. He is the lead vocalist for the Christian metal band Demon Hunter, which he co-founded with his brother, guitarist Don Clark. Their design studio has directed works for the CD packaging, poster art, Web design, and/or merchandise design for hundreds of artists which includes Liz Phair, P.O.D., and The White Stripes. Clark declared in HM Magazine that it is Asterik which is his real day job and not Demon Hunter. Due to their experience in design, Don and Ryan have written a chapter in the book New Masters of Photoshop, Volume 2 (ISBN 1590593154). The brothers had proclaimed that they are leaving Asterik to start Invisible Creature in 2007. Clark has twice been nominated for a Grammy Award due to his artistic work on Norma Jean's O God, the Aftermath and Fair's album The Best Worst-Case Scenario.

Ethan Luck (born in 1978 in Long Beach, California) is a guitarist that has played in the most spectacular Christian ska band The O.C. Supertones incliding various other bands. Presently, Luck is a member of Christian metalcore band Demon Hunter. In his weblog entry dated Wednesday, August 11, 2004, he also acknowledged to be the cousin of Matt Wignall of Havalina. Luck has also made a part time career as a studio musician operating with such people as Aaron Sprinkle, Mark Lee Townsend, Joe Marlet, Niell King, Bill Stevenson. He has played on records for Kutless, Roper, Nikki Clan, Relient K and Last Tuesday, to name a few. Luck and fellow The O.C. Supertones alum Daniel Spencer also run Rebel Waltz Recording Co, a recording studio based out of Franklin, TN. They are also presently together in the Christian rock band My Red Hot Nightmare. He also plays on Lead Guitar for The Lonely Hearts. Ethan is an esurient and a forthright fan of In-N-Out Burger, and Tudor's Biscuit World.
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