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The famed Delirious? are an progressive English Christian rock group which some even call a worship band. It has a talented lineup featuring the likes of Martin Smith on vocals and also on guitar, the remarkable Stuart Garrard on guitar and even performing backing vocals, the talented Jon Thatcher on bass guitar, and the skilled Tim Jupp on keys and playing the piano. In addition we have Stew Smith doing the drums and taking care of percussion.

The popular Delirious? initially began their life as a low profile worship band for a small youth outreach event titled "Cutting Edge", which was promoted by the Arun Community Church situated in Littlehampton, in the region of West Sussex, England. Quite remarkably in a short period the popularity of their events increased manifold, and soon the band also started playing at other numerous "Cutting Edge" events all across the South Coast even reaching as far as Southampton. As expected the music became quite well known in dedicated Christian circles, and demand constantly grew for recordings. Four remarkable EPs were thereafter released under the popular "Cutting Edge" name before the talented group made the big decision to turn into professionals and then they changed their name to "Delirious?". Before this time, they had managed to sell over seventy thousand compilations by mail order. We can easily say that some of the band's most strikingly famous songs were actually written during this era, including the likes of "I Could Sing Your Love Forever", and perky "The Happy Song", and the poignant "Lord, You Have My Heart".

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As Delirious? they soon gained success in the year 1997 following the successful release of the album King Of Fools, that was under their new name. The superbly composed King Of Fools very quickly went silver in the entire United Kingdom, and quite soon Delirious? managed to become possibly one of the most widely popular and quite well-known Christian rock groups across the world and primarily in the UK and the United States. Their soulful songs such as the famous "Deeper", the striking "History Maker" and the extremely popular "White Ribbon Day" gained status similar to anthems and still continue to surface regularly at various Christian youth events. Delirious? eventually also released three popular singles to the popular mainstream UK Charts and two of them reached within the top bracket with rather little radio airplay. The track Deeper still remains the band's definite best-selling single with sales over thirty thousand and still continuing.

So if you are interested in good music in general or like the essence of Christian music in particular; do get your tickets early and enjoy some soulful moments with this famous band.
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