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Could his harmonious state of mind or hope, his enduring honor for God, or his attitude towards his culture be more transparent? Del McCoury plays and sings because he is passionate about making music for a living and acknowledges the people who have made it conceivable for him. His music and his love for life is infectious. The Del McCoury Band has been proud of having the widest, most comprehensive fan base and on a regular basis drawing SRO crowds which run the orbit from tie beam-dyed 'n' patchouly neo-meliorist jammers to cool yuppies to abeyant old boys. They are without any doubt one of the most gifted, venerable and indispensable groups in bluegrass history and one of the most influential bands in their field. The Washington Post has called Del "a national treasure", while many music publications have attributed The Del McCoury Band for maximizing the bluegrass "hip factor," and rendered much of the genre's firm upswing with the younger generation in popularity. He's called upon at the traditional bluegrass festivals, various esteemed music venues in America-from Merlefest, to Bonnaroo to Carnegie Hall and jam bands.

A Grammy Award-winning bluegrass band, The Del McCoury Band's patriarch is one Delano Floyd "Del" McCoury, a agile, ingenious guitarist and a maestro of the 'high lonesome' vocal style which is the root foundation of the bluegrass sound. The band's upmost instrumental and vocal strength concerted with deep-rooted commitment to sacred bluegrass heritage have kept them at the top of their field in the hearts of conservatives, while their masterful accomplishments, high spirits, merging writers from other sources into the flexure have continued to scatter their charm all over. Their rambunctious musicianship and a degaged liking for people is the reason Del McCoury Band is famous for.
Born in Bakersville, North Carolina on February 1, 1939 Delano Floyd McCoury was introduced to bluegrass through the music of Flatt and Scruggs by his older brother G.C. At an early age, the McCoury family moved up north above the Mason-Dixon Line in York County, Pennsylvania. Del decided to return to York County, Pennsylvania after he had a unsatisfactory stint with the Golden State Boys. Back home, he worked as a construction worker at a local nuclear power plant, and later was hired by the logging industry. Del had spend the next two decades as a part of the bluegrass scene in the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia area as Bluegrass gigs were happening bountiful in the east. Fiddler and Blue Grass Boy alumnus Billy Baker made the trip to California with Del, and developed the Shady Valley Boys once they reached back home.

Soon, Del formulated his own band, The Del McCoury Band. After an extremely superb relationship with Rounder Records, the Del McCoury Band signed with Ricky Skaggs' Ceili Records. To test their new relationship, their debut album 'The Family,' was also released in 1999 whci got huge plaudits from fans and critics alike. The Del McCoury Band basks in the kudos of traditional bluegrass lovers and clad 'Del-Heads' alike. Del has established himself as an creator of bluegrass music's future and not an object of bluegrass music's past. He is renascent, rocking and making the best music of his glorious career.

Del McCoury has won 31 International Bluegrass Music Association Awards, along with Entertainer of the Year four times. McCoury has also won IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year four times. Mcoury is also beatified to be one of the few bluegrass artists who has great command over his musical legacy, a scarce achievement in any musical genre. McCoury, with patience has repossessed his rights to old masters and copyrights since the past seven years. In 2004 he was nominated for the Best Bluegrass Album Grammy Award for It's Just The Night, and won his first Grammy Award, in the same category, for The Company We Keep in 2006.
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