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Deftones have charmed music lovers with their exclusive performances and wherever the band puts up show hordes of music lovers turn up at the venues of their performances. Deftones have over and over again been admired as one of the most original and exclusive rock outfits of recent times. Their famous album Deftones, which was made public in 2003 sold 167,000 copies in the initial week and stayed in the Billboard top 100 for nine weeks, backed by the first single, "Minerva", which acquired several radio and television airplay. Afterward, the group made a video for their second single," Hexagram", with admirers witnessing the group perform the song. The outfit created a video for the track "Bloody Cape", but it was not issued for presentation on television. The video was only offered on the group's official website for a day.

Most of the stuff on the compilation was written by guitarist Carpenter, which results in the album's more customary heavy metal touch. Delgado performs with synthesizer, keyboards or sampler instead of his former turntables.A renowned critic has observed while assessing Deftones that Hexagram the album's initial number, "hits hard — harder than they ever have, revealing how mushy Staind is, or how toothless Linkin Park is, even if it's a bit of a shame that Chino Moreno has resorted to guttural barking for singing."
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Another major evaluation of Deftones observes, "Singer Chino Moreno sounds like he's conversing with a choir of voices inside his troubled skull. He's the most Dada of the new-metal screamers: sobbing, stoned and strangely sensual, when he isn't shredding his tonsils. The band brings the requisite brutality, but this album delivers chills when it creeps past the margins of modern post-Korn heavy music: the spooky spaghetti-western drones that hover like vultures over 'Death Blow,' the space-is-the-place liftoff of 'Minerva' and the ambient doomscape 'Lucky You,' which might be worth an approving smirk from the Aphex Twin."

The outfit plans to produce a new album, expected for release in the middle of -2006; Saturday Night Wrist is a probable name for the album. Songs that are being anticipated to surface on the latest album are "Beware of the Water", "America", "Bufallo", "FM", and "Diamond" .

Instead of functioning with longtime producer Terry Date, Deftones resolved to record with Bob Ezrin. Although the group derived pleasure in working with Date they felt that at that juncture they required to alter things and maintained that it was certainly a dissimilar style. They also observed that teaming with Ezrin was simply putting them upside down since he was whacking the whip. The band has since opted not to get involved with Ezrin's patronage of their work. Rather than they have lately mentioned on their official webpage: "We will be spending 4-5 days in Sacramento in late January [of 2006] to record songs with Chino, and will then head straight to Seattle to record the bulk of the album with producer Aaron Sprinkle."

A miscellaneous compilation entitled B-Sides & Rarities was made public on October 4, 2005.
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