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The charismatic Deepak Chopra is a famous medical doctor and extremely popular contemporary writer across the world and particularly in the United States. He is thoughts on spirituality, integrative medicine along with Ayurveda had made headlines across the world. He is known to claim Hinduism as his prominent influence, referring specifically the poignant teachings of Vedanta and the scholarly discourse of Bhagavad Gita.

The talented Deepak Chopra is a highly trained physician and was even been board-certified in the fields of internal medicine and endocrinology. Dr. Chopra incidentally completed his primary education through the prestigious St. Columba's School located in New Delhi. This genius graduated from the famous All India Institute of Medical Sciences during the year 1968 and then after interning at a prominent New Jersey hospital, he trained himself for several more years at the famous Lahey Clinic in Burlington area Massachusetts and then again at the prestigious University of Virginia Hospital. He also happened to teach at the reputed Tufts and Boston Schools of Medicine. He went on to become the chief of staff at the prestigious New England Memorial Hospital and even managed to establish a large private practice.
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Feb 17 Sat 7:00 PM Deepak Chopra, M.d. Crest Theatre - Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
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Mar 15 Thu 8:00 PM Deepak Chopra The Kimmel Center - Merriam Theater
Philadelphia, PA
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Mar 19 Mon 7:30 PM Deepak Chopra Belk Theatre at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Charlotte, NC
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Mar 20 Tue 7:30 PM Deepak Chopra Florida Theatre Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL
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The he transformed to become a leader in the field of transcendental meditation movement. He later branched off entirely on his own to the field of Primordial Sound Meditation. He currently is the Chief Executive Officer along with being the Medical Director of famous The Chopra Center situated at La Costa Resort & Spa in popular city of Carlsbad, California. The irresistible Chopra writes brilliantly about holistically treating the entire body and passionately promotes Ayurveda, the original Indian system of medicine. This apart he has managed to record and then publish some of his writings in form of audio-books.
In the 2004, Chopra was specifically recruited to provide a detailed script advice to the famous Indian film director Shekhar Kapur an Oscar nominated director for his proposed film which is supposed to be made about Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. In the year 2006, Chopra went on to launch Virgin Comics LLC alongside the charismatic Richard Branson, the extraordinary famed entrepreneur and thrill-seeker. They together claim the company will try to seek to generally promote and suitably examine Southeast Asian themes and various cultures through the use of the medium of traditional comic book medium. Deepak Chopra has his share of critics. Many routinely criticize his multiple references to the significant relationship of quantum mechanics he makes toward healing processes.

Deepak Chopra continues to be highly popular across the world and his shows are attended by numerous people. So if you wish to check out the legendary philosopher then do get your tickets early.
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