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One of the most talented bands currently performing on the Jazz circuit is the Deep Banana Blackout (or DBB). This remarkable New Orleans style Jazz-Funk band, originating from Fairfield, Connecticut came into existence in the mid half 1990s and soon established themselves as a highly acclaimed musical force in their genre. Their popularity in the East Coast region's musical underground Jazz and Jam Band scene had to be seen to be believed. This delightful eight piece musical outfit, with one complete full horn section, has received wide acclaim for performing elaborate musical compositions ranging from the classic Tower of Power, the quintessential Sly and to the likes of peppy Funkadelic. So book you tickets online in advance check out their divine Jazz renditions.

When you get into a Deep Banana Blackout live show, you can bet upon hearing some wonderful jazz from Fuzz, the highly talented guitarist who plays music which is long on groove. The music the band plays is fusion though surrounding all over the place, from peppy funk to jump. Some of the number they play during their shows are characterized by recurring scratching turntables. Their numbers are always lyrical with Fuzz writing the majority of tracks. They also play numbers of musical master like the "Seven Come Eleven" which incidentally is a wonderful collaboration between the jazz legend Benny Goodman and the talented Charlie Christian.
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Another number which you can frequently hear in their shows is "Four on Six" which incidentally is a Wes Montgomery piece. They also play some very popular tracks like the "Bloomdido" which is a classic Charlie Parker. What set the band apart is that all of these evergreen numbers are completely reworked from scratch in a funky style. While not only is Fuzz a fine guitarist he is also is an excellent horn arranger too. Apart from that he can play everything. His range spawns from the dirty, distorted, Chili Pepperish sounds which are quite popular with crowds to clean, old school jazz progressions which critics simply adore. He is ably assisted by other equally well skilled band members which include likes of trumpeter Michael Ray which keeps the audience in musical paradise.

The band is acknowledged for their funky grooves that have been cheered by audiences always propelled much of their music. Their shows have seen large crowds wherever they have performed and their shows are eagerly awaited. They also have a large loyal fan following who simply adore their distinct music style. So get your tickets and be at their live shows and you would able savor a musical delight consisting of a myriad of musical styles including funky rock, jazz and world beat.
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