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It's hard to believe there's a whole generation of teen pop fans that don't even know who Debbie Gibson is. In the late '80s, just as she was graduating from high school, it seemed as if Gibson would be around forever. Her bright Dance Pop songs kept her at the top of the charts, scoring five Top-5 singles, and her debut album Out of the Blue went triple platinum. By 1990, when she released her third album Anything Is Possible, Gibson's chart-topping longevity faded. After her reign as the queen of pop, Gibson flexed other talents, including producing and composing. She also went on to collaborate with artists, including Punk band the Circle Jerks. Regardless of where she is or what she's doing now, Gibson's "Electric Youth" will forever be associated with the late '80s.
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Deborah Ann Gibson, 31 August 1970, Brooklyn, New York, USA. This pop singer/songwriter generated massive sales in the late 80s, particularly in her homeland. Following training in piano and early songwriting ventures, Gibson was signed to the management of Doug Breithart by the time she was 13 years old. The following three years saw her apprenticeship in recording studios as she produced and wrote over 100 original compositions, mostly in her own multi-track home studio. Before leaving school, she had signed to Atlantic Records and was only turned down for the lead role in a US production of Les Miserables when the producers discovered her age. By the end of 1987, she emerged alongside a rash of female teenage singers in the US charts, hitting number 4 twice with "Only In My Dreams" and "Shake Your Love". Her songwriting status and production involvement on Out Of The Blue was duly noted by critics. When "Foolish Beat" topped the charts in 1988, she became the youngest artist to have written, produced and performed a US number 1 single. "Lost In Your Eyes", a sentimental ballad replaced the high-energy pop of previous singles, and topped the US charts once more after the disappointing "Staying Together". The equivalent accolade in the album chart would be hers for five weeks with Electric Youth, co-produced, as was her debut, by Fred Zarr. However, a batch of subsequent singles, including the album's title track, "No More Rhyme" and "We Could Be Together" fared progressively worse in the US charts. The sales of the third album Anything Is Possible proved similarly disappointing, despite the appearance of Freddie Jackson and Lamont Dozier in the studio.

In 1991, Gibson finally got to appear in Les Miserables, playing the part of Eponine in the Broadway production. She continued in the theatre after releasing 1993's Body Mind Soul, appearing as Sandy in the London, England production of Grease. She switched to the character of Betty Rizzo in the National Touring Company Of Grease, which performed throughout the USA from October 1995 to March 1996. Further acting roles have included stints in productions of Funny Girl, Beauty And The Beast, Gypsy and Cinderella. Her recording career has largely taken a back seat to her theatre work, and has moved away from the dance-pop of her teen years to a more considered AOR style.
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