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The remarkable Deanna Favre is the wife of renowned American football quarterback Brett Favre who plays with the Green Bay Packers, a prominent NFL team. She has been a dedicated activist for promoting the cause of cancer prevention. She initially made headlines in early 2004 after she was diagnosed with symptoms of breast cancer. By the year 2005, Deanna had started selling quite actively pink Green Bay Packers hats which were meant to raise money and increase the general awareness for breast cancer. Quite soon these pink hats began to outsell regular Packer hats and by the first half of 2005 she had been a great success in promoting awareness about breast cancer.

For many years dedicated Packer fans have regularly caught beautiful glimpses of Deanna Favre sitting on the sidelines and merrily cheering on her famous quarterback husband. However these days she's is playing from the front and center in the Herculean fight against the disease breast cancer. She has fought numerous challenges and still continues to inspire many people around the world. She has been through a difficult year and her entire Favre family has suffered greatly. In some months before Deanna suddenly discovered the existence of a cancerous lump in her breast, she has seen Brett's father passing away due to a heart attack and even Deanna's own brother was unfortunately killed in an ATV accident. Still she has kept up her determination to take on life and face the challenges and contribute to the society. She has become instrumental in the campaign against breast cancer in recent days.
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Part of the awareness campaign is Deanna's message on how quite important it is to regularly examine your breasts. She mentions that those self-exams were instrumental in probably saving her life. She has worked on herself to become a renowned activist. She has severe stage fright and has successfully been on a stage speaking fluently to thousands of people at a time. Deanna is convinced that joining the difficult fight against breast cancer has been a part of Gods calling. Deanna is deeply committed to doing whatever that is possible and she can to help completely wipe out breast cancer for good. In addition she hopes that medical breakthrough will happen and girls will never have to worry about it. She also believes that the message of faith can easily conquer a lot of things. She always had a strong passion for helping other suffering people and she wants to carry on doing just that. She request people to be as generous and more compassionate to those unfortunate people and try lending a hand.

Deanna Favre has become a inspiration to the many people across the world. With her strong dedication towards her charitable work, she is expected to make a significant contribution in the fight against cancer.
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