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If you are looking forward to listening to the most melodic mixture of blues, swing and R& B music then you should definitely check out Deanna Bogart. This remarkable singer also happens to be an accomplished pianist and a skilled saxophone player. So if you are interested in watching her perform live; do remember to book your tickets online in advance.

The talented Deanna Bogart was born on September 5, in the year 1960 in Washington, DC-area. She was influenced by swing music from her early childhood and was introduced to various forms of music including blues and R& B at an early age. Even during her school days her talent was quite visible. Her friends and teachers were impressed by her amazing grasp of musical styles. She initially cut her teeth on the famous Maryland blues circuit. It helped her develop a crowd-pleasing and distinctive style which often seen her simply leaping up all of a sudden from her piano bench to freely chat with the audience. She is generally clad in her distinguishing trademark black fedora. The skilled Bogart is also known to wonderfully blow a mean tenor saxophone
She has made her career drawing on a variety of different musical sources which range from boogie-woogie to the elements of New Orleans R&B to characteristic swing to rock & roll. This has made this barrelhouse pianist stunningly emerge as one of the most outstanding and eclectic performers in field of contemporary blues. This apart she also happens to be a gifted composer with outstanding skills.
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Her initial debut LP titled Out to Get You appeared was successfully released in the year 1991. The LP made headlines for its sublime quality and it soon was seen on the R& B charts. Her popularity soared to amazing levels. This release was followed up in the year 1992 with the release of Crossing Borders which also was an outstanding compilation. The sales of the compilation were quite high and people were thoroughly impressed with her wonderful music. Even many critics openly acknowledge her to be one of the most outstanding musicians in her genre. The variety and depth she has in her music is brilliant to say the least. Her amazing grasp over such myriad styles also makes it a pleasure to listen to her.

Deanna Bogart is known for her powerhouse live performance. The effortless ease with which she interacts with the crowd is noteworthy. Her beautiful music makes the audience ask for even more. Her shows are hugely popular and ticket sales are skyrocketing. So if you wish to be at her show then do get your tickets early. Bring along your friends and loved ones to enjoy some scintillating music from this great singer.
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