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David Lanz is easily recognized by countless music lovers as the creator of some of the most breathtaking melodies in recent times. Since his debut release on the reputed Narada label in the year 1983, David Lanz has continued to touch music lovers across the world with his stunningly beautiful, graceful melodies, the silky tender sense of romance along with the emotional depth and variety of his music. So if you wish to catch him live in action; do remember to book your tickets online in advance.

The talented David Lanz was brought up in Seattle, where he happened to be greatly influenced by his very first musical mentor namely his mother. His mother used to play boogie-woogie wonderfully on the piano. She also happened to play numbers from the legendary singers like Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, and mesmerizing tunes of Nat King Cole all the time. This was great stuff in that distinguished era and David Lanz was highly influenced by such music. During the 1960s, David was growing up in a wildly creative time that invariably left a lasting mark on all forms popular music and it also had its effect on Lanz. He lived through the highly psychedelic era and and went on t write thousands of pop songs. He incidentally was really influenced and motivated by the great Beatles, and other prominent English bands such as the legendary Moody Blues and Procol Harum.
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During the 1970s, Lanz used to play mostly solo gigs, while taking every opportunity to explore elements of jazz, blues, and even classical music, and he also happened to work occasionally as a sideman. In the meantime his on his own was developing his own delightful and highly personal music and was suitably surprised to find it was exactly this music that many people wanted hear most. A friend of his had asked him to quickly supply music for a prestigious seminar on chakras that relates with the body's inherent spiritual energy systems. He did create some mesmerizing tunes and the highly enthusiastic response to his kind of music was a revelation.
The dawn of new age was made the music's surging popularity was godsend for Lanz as he was perfectly positioned to brilliantly lead the way. Then came remarkable collaborations with the talented Paul Speer leading to benchmark like the natural states and desert vision.

David Lanz is known to give powerhouse live performances. He beautifully works good-natured wisecracks effortlessly into his concert presentation, using humor to put his audience at ease and draw them into the show. So do get your tickets early and bring along your loved ones to enjoy his melodic tunes.
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