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David Brenner can be related to as America's foremost authority on comedy. David Brenner an Emmy-winner artist, a veteran, who has 160 scintillatingly appearances in "Tonight Show" and he is the author of five top-selling comedy books. This personality is known for delighting audiences with his interesting and humorous take on today's headlines and what he generally calls "News of the Weird". Already fresh from his superb critically acclaimed, highly rated and sincerely and aptly titled hugely famous HBO special: David Brenner: Back With A Vengeance," and then the Philadelphia native is proving to be "the ultimate comeback kidder." His live performances cause a sort of stir among crowd it's like a wild goose chase to get the tickets for that. According to a reputed Hollywood Reporter, "He's edgier and more insightful in his superb skewering of popular culture than ever seen before..." As a expected result of the special, David again returned to his unusual and familiar heavy schedule of various television guest appearances and thriving national touring, very well intertwined within a forty-eight week engagement at the hugely popular Golden Nugget Hotel/Casino where he recently brought star entertainment back to shining downtown Las Vegas.

David is known for his instant comic instincts usually rated as razor sharp, David remains the sizzling ultimate stand-up comedian and with his talk show favorite, usually ranging from superb guest hosting "The Late Show with David Letterman," to effective trading political barbs with well known Paula Zahn, Chris Mathews, Bill Maher and just about every well talked about talk show on television. David has already contributed a lot and of course, he will always be remembered for hugely hit "The Tonight Show," with record 158 appearances. His "The Book of Lists #2" is widely recognized Brenner as the proud "Number one most frequent guest on television."
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As a small kid in the quite poor sections of West and South Philadelphia, he was a famous gang leader who really used humor as a funny powerful weapon. His childhood was very conducive one as far as the nurturing of the talent is concerned as from hi fourth grade through high school, David was elected class president, as well as the famous "the class comedian." After his initial education he went to famous Temple University where, in spite of being hugely funny, he diligently graduated with honors, with majoring in mass communications. Before hitting on the stage, Brenner really enjoyed a thoroughly successful career behind the smash cameras as the famous writer/producer/director of hugely popular 115 television documentaries and then straightforward headed for the distinguished documentary departments of both Metromedia Broadcasting and Westinghouse Broadcasting. David's diligent documentary work really earned him a total of nearly reputed thirty awards and famous citations including an Emmy Award.

David Brenner really added another superb dimension to his successful career by writing a hugely popular and best-selling autobiography entitled "SOFT PRETZELS WITH MUSTARD." This book proved as a huge success and ultimately resulted in a superb and resulted in a multiple book deal for Brenner. He resides with his wife in Las Vegas, his wife is also a known personality; Elizabeth Slater and their lovely two young sons, Wyatt and Slade, with their third son, Cole, who has been attending a university back east. David and Elizabeth got married during his live HBO comedy special in Las Vegas. David has already married and divorced three times. His comedy shows are an excellent treat to watch. This humorous artist is really adored by the people. You can enjoy his comical hic-ups and laugh heartily; but don't forget to get your tickets from your on-line ticket vendor to avoid the sad unavailability of the tickets.
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