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Dave Matthews Band is touring again in 2013. The summer tour follows the winter tour. Basically, Dave Matthews Band tickets seem to be available year round at this point. Technically, though the beloved group is sure to play the hits, this is a tour built around Away From the World.

Away From the World is the eight studio album from DMB. This album should succeed where even the Caravan festival tour of two years ago failed. It should, by merit, remind the critics and the fans why this group had been so popular and important. This collection of musicians, even without LeRoi Moore, is supremely talented, producing a sound that brings rock as close to jazz as is technically possible. At least, they should, even of an album like Away from the World is not going to reach platinum status (though it did reach number one on the charts!).

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Feb 3 Sat 7:30 PM The Night Before: Dave Matthews Band Xcel Energy Center
Saint Paul, MN
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Dave Matthews Band has been together since 1991. They began as nothing more than a little bit of musical exploration for a bartender in Charlottesville, Virginia. The bartender, Dave Matthews, had just recently gotten the courage to actually half-pursue music as something more than a hobby.  A friend of his managed to hook him up with local talented musicians, including Carter Beauford, LeRoi Moore, and several more players who would round out what would ultimately become the Dave Matthews Band.

The story of the name is telling of the collaborative nature of the group. These guys had just signed up to play an Earth Day Festival but the organizers needed to give the group a name and simply took the guy who signed up, Dave Matthews, and added the word “Band” behind it. Thus Dave Matthews Band became a group and no one seemed to care that the lead singer became the name for the group.

At its beginning, the group was comprised of Matthews as the lead singer and guitarist, Beauford as the drummer, Stefan Lessard as the bassist, Boyd Tinsley as the violinist, and Peter Griesar as the keyboardist. They, apart from Griesar, were a part of the DMB that released the multi-platinum albums Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, Before These Crowded Streets, Everyday, and Busted Stuff. Even the supposed flubs, Stand Up and Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King, went platinum.

Of course, the band will be remembered for its songs and not its albums. This means two decades from now fans will be listening to “Ants Marching”, “Satellite”, “Crash into Me”, and “Tripping Billies” from the early years and “Don’t Drink the Water”, “The Space Between”, and “American Baby” from the middle years. Dave Matthews Band tickets in the here and now will feature these same songs.

This band still has more than a few more great songs and albums left in its vault. Expect more hits in the future, but expect many more major tours, as the band has redefined itself from a great group of musicians noted for its work in both the studio and live to a band primarily seen as a live act.