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If you love rock then you must listen to sensation called Dave Mason. He was born on May10, 1946 in Worchester. He was one of the stars Of Traffic, a reputed Rock band. He is best known for hit songs like Feelin Alright, Let It go and We Just Disagree.He showed his magic in Mr.Fantasy (1967) but soon left the group. In 1968, he and Jimi Hendrix produced their own version of All Along The Watch tower, which became an instant hit.He later joined Delaney & Bonnie & Friends. It was soon joined by Eric clapton.Dave and Eric soon left the group to form Derek & Dominoes.However, he soon left it to sign Blue Thumbs.
His first solo album, Alone together was launched in year 1970.It was soon followed up with a duet with Cass Elliot (1971).I973, he permanently settled in United States.

Year 1977 saw success of his solo album; We just disagree.In 1987, he launched his another album, Some assembly required, and two hearts.In 1993, he joined Fleetwood Mac and recorded some wonder songs with them.In year 1999, he launched Live: 40000 Headmen Tour In Year 2000, Its Like You Never Left w as Released.In 2002, he launched Live at Sunrise.In year 2005, Dave release Alone Together/Head Keeper.He has a huge fan base and almost all his shows are packed.

If you wish to watch this magician of music play then please contact your online tickets vendor soon

Alone Together: 1970
Dave Mason & Cass Elliot: 1971
Dave Mason Is Alive: 1972
Head Keeper: 1972
Its Like You Never Left: 1973
Best Of Dave Mason: 1974
Dave Mason: 1974
Split Cocunut: 1975
Certified Love: 1976
Let It Flow: 1977
Mariposa de Oro: 1978
Very Best Of Dave Mason: 1979
Old Crest On A New wave: 1980
Best Of Dave Mason: 1981
Two Hearts: 1987
Some Assembly Allowed: 1987
Best Of Long…Lost Friend: 1995
Will You Still Love Me: 1998
40,000 Headman Tour: 1999
Ultimate Collection: 1999
Live at Perkins Palace: 2002
Live At Sunrise: 2002

Solo Appearances:
Scrapbook: 1972
Skate town USA: 1979
Show me some affection: 1981

Mr Fantasy: 1967
Traffic: 1968
The Best Of Traffic: 1969
Last Exit: 1969
Welcome To The Canteen: 1971
Smiling Faces: 1991

Appeared with:
Electric Lady Land-Jimi Hendrix: 1968
Beggars Banquet-Rolling Stones: 1968
Lily The Pink: Scaffold: 1969
Word Of Mouth: Merry Weather: 1969
All Thing Must Pass-George Harrison

Delaney & Bonney-Motel Shot: 1971
Songs For Beginners-Graham Nash: 1971
Winwood –Steve wood: 1971

Bobby Keys: 1972
History Of Eric Clapton: 1972
Wild Tales- Graham Nash: 1973
Phoebe Snow: 1974
Venus &Mars: Paul Mc Cartney: 1975
Thoroughfare Gap-Stephen Stills: 1978
Gimme Some Neck-Ron wood: 1979
Airborne-Don Felder: 1983
Cross Roads-Eric Clapton: 1988
Best of Delaney & Bonnie: 1990
Finer Things: Stevewinwood: 1995
Time Life Guitar Music: 1996

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