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Called as one of the "25 Funniest People in America" by Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Dave Attell with his speedy expressive delivery, style vitriolic humour and his quality of matter can foremost be portrayed as "very adult" which has attained him the honour of a "comic's comic" by people. Attell utilized his passion of liquor and laughing out loud to entertain and bring on the smashing series, "Insomniac with Dave Attell" for Comedy Central in 2001. Attell's worldly subjects are what one would regard as "blue". His perspective is that of the everybody being funny in their own, yet somewhat insane for their secret fantasies. He has an attraction for the freakish matters, such as bantams and unusual sexual clashes between people. Attell has acted as the role of "Don" in the movie, Los Enchiladas. On the 1st season of Everybody Loves Raymond, he had a continual role as one of Ray Barone's crude co-worker buddies.

"Insomniac with Dave Attell" is a television show on Comedy Central whose host was Dave Attell himself, and the show ran from August 5, 2001 until November 11, 2004. In the distinctive Insomniac, Attell is wandering through a peculiar city at night, jutting out a minute or so with his performance at a comedy club and then also set to exploit different bars, by hopping from landmarks to clubs around. All through the way he is shown as wisecracking jokes with passersby, clicking pictures with a disposable camera and playing gags. The excitement of the show goes around the really eccentric dwellers of the night that Dave runs into at all hours of the night. Attell would remarkably devour upon several drinks throughout the show, and as the night went on, getting more and more drunker.

Dave is roaming around cities in North America usually, but of lately, he has travelled to Germany and Japan as well. The ending of the show is always portrayed as the sun is rising in the wee hours of the morning except when once when the episode filmed in Alaska, showing the sun was up during the "nighttime" hours), and at that time Dave adjures his camera crew and the audience goodbye, with the reprimand "Get some sleep!", and is desperately looking for a place to just collapse and crash.
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Dec 31 Sun 9:30 PM Dave Attell Masonic Auditorium At Nob Hill Masonic Center
San Francisco, CA
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Mar 22 Thu 8:00 PM Dave Attell & Jeff Ross Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, NJ
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Mar 23 Fri 8:00 PM Jeff Ross & Dave Attell Sands Bethlehem Event Center
Bethlehem, PA
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Mar 24 Sat 8:00 PM Jeff Ross & Dave Attell Borgata Music Box
Atlantic City, NJ
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Dave Attell was born in Queens and brought up in Long Island. After graduating from New York University with a degree in Film and Television in the late eighties, he started working into stand-up comedy. Attell utilized this prestigious degree by getting astonishing jobs in the food service industry as of a waiter. He started hitting the "open mic" group in Manhattan at night. Attell worked hard for many years for getting his way up through the club scene onto the road, then travelling across America as a national headliner and developing a vast fan following among fans and the industry alike.

The New York Times called the travelogue show, in which Attell is going from city to city on the look out for late-night fun, as "a doubly rare beast, a comedy without rancor and a travel show about the virtues of the American underdog." Accoding to Attell, the Insomniac show is more of a traverse between "Girls Gone Wild" and "Cops". Attell taped various hour-long "Insomniac" specials overseas in Japan, Germany, England and Brazil after four seasons of "Insomniac". Once he was back in the states, he started out on a thirty-five city theatre tour ending in Vegas, where he hosted a two-hour special for Comedy Central featuring some of the biggest comics in the country, Sean Rouse, Greg Geraldo and Dane Cook.

Dave Attell's first plunge into stand-up comedy is ascribed to his doubtfulness as to what he should do after college. In 1987, like many other struggling comedians, he did normal jobs during the day and performed in comedy clubs at night. His first gig was at the Governor's in Long Island but which according to Attell, "totally bombed". Though the audience do not always play along and understand his up-front delivery, his colleagues in the same field are invigorated by his ability to be original.
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