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Daughtry emerged from the not-too shocking news Chris Daughtry would not be America’s Top Idol in 2006. This is just as well since, as with most other seasons, the runner up is running circles around the winner, in this case Taylor Hicks. Though, as it is the 2012-2013 and not 2006, perhaps this fact is no longer relevant. Neither is the fact the band simply chose to use their frontman’s name because it already had traction. None of this is a knock on the band. It is the reason Daughtry tickets still sell more than half a decade later of having every moment of the lead singer’s life put on television.

In 2012, that tenacity meant fans would be able to enjoy a headlining tour for the 2011 album Break the Spell, take the group across the Atlantic to support Nickelback, and has the group ending the year sharing the same stage with 3 Doors Down. All this leads to 2013, when it appears Daughtry could be looking to release a fourth studio album.

Daughtry has been working in the studio this year, but has not actually made an official statement. Still, after the relative dud the gold-certified Break the Spell has been, they may want to bounce back strong. Daughtry and Leaving this town had strong platinum showings and produced four certified hits to Break the Spell’s zero.

Thus, taking their time in the recording studio makes sense. Daughtry would like to be something more than a great touring band and they cannot risk two underwhelming albums. This band has survived significant longer than most thought and they have indeed thrived in comparison to most groups and most American Idol contestants. Daughtry concert tickets are going to be around for some time. The question is just going to be how big the venue is?

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