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When Chris was 15 his Uncle Angelo bought him a guitar. Chris began teaching himself how to play, but he didn't become serious about music until the very end of high school. He was too busy skateboarding.

Right after high school, Chris started playing with the Vacant Andys, his first serious band. After several years with the Vacant Andys and a one-album stint with The Agency, Chris went on to play with Further Seems Forever. While he was with FSF he started a solo side-gig and took a chance with an acoustic sound. Dashboard Confessional began when he recorded the Drowning EP for Fiddler Records.
The name Dashboard Confessional comes from one of Chris' songs, "The Sharp Hint of New Tears". The line "On the way home, this car hears my confessions." made the phrase Dashboard Confessional pop into his head. Chris didn't want to name his new act after himself because right from the start he wanted his fans to sing along and be a part of his performance. He thought a solo name might discourage his audience from being an integral part of the show.
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