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If you love humming tunes of guitar then you must buy online tickets of Daryl Stuermer.He is the man behind success of many top singers like Phil Collins.
This legendary guitarist- songwriter was born on Novemeber27, 1952.at Milwaukee, in Wisconsin.He started playing guitar when he was eleven. Icons like Elvis's Presley, Ventures, and the Beatles influenced him. He got his inspiration from them. One can safely say that they shaped his career. He was educated at St Francis High School.He studied genre of many jazz guitarists like Howard Roberts, Joe Pass, and John Laughlin.His gave first public performance with his Milwaukee band, Sweet bottom.In 1975, he was selected to support musician Jean Luc Ponty.

In 1977, he joined Genesis as bassist/guitarist. He replaced Steve Hackett, a legendary guitarist.He was associated with it for twenty long years.In 1982, Phil Collins, a lead member of Genesis started his own group .He inducted Daryl as a touring recording member.Daryl has written many songs for Phil Collins that won Grammy awards.He launched his first solo album, Steppin Out in 1987.In 1998, he launched his own Urban Island label.In year 2003, he launched CD, Sweet Bottom Live:The ReunionWhen he starts playing one easily sways to the magic of his guitar.

Buy your online tickets of his latest concerts. Remember it is a lifetime experience.

Sorry, no upcoming events found at this time.
Retrofit: 2004
Sweet bottom live the reunion-2003
Waiting in the wings: 2001
Another side of genesis: 2000
Live&Learn: 1998
Steppin out: 1987
A GRP Christmas collection (various artists): 1989
Phil Collins:
Testify (2002)
Hot night in Paris-Big band –1998
Phil Collins hits: 1998
Dance into the light: 1998
Seriously Live: 1991
Two Rooms (Various artists)-1991
But Seriously: 1990
Knebworth concert: 1990
No jacket required: 1985
Hello, I must Be Going: 1983
Face Value: 1981

Phil Collins/Phil Bailey:
Easy Lover: 1986
Phil Collin/Marilyn Martin
Separate Lives: 1986
Genesis live: The way we walk-1992
Volume-1 (short)
Volume-2 (Long)
Knebworth concert (various artists)-1990
Three sides Live: 1983
Philip Bailey
Chinese wall: 1984
Mike Rutherford:
Acting Very Strange: 1984
Tony Banks:
Still: 1992
The Fugitive: 1984

I Know There's Something Going On-1983
Joan Armatrading:
The Key: 1984
Jean Luc Ponty
Civilized Lover: 1981
Enigmatic Ocean: 1977
Aurora: 1975
George Duke:
Liberated Fantasises: 1976
I love The Blues She Heard Me Cry: 1975
David Arkenstone/Kostia:
The Spirit Of Olympia: 1991
Douglas Spotted Eagle:
Pray: 1998
Billy Joel Naturally:
Instrumental Interpretation: 2000
Instrumental Tribute To Elton John: 1998
Vince And The Attorneys
Truth Is Irrelevant: 2003

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