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If you love music then you cannot miss tickets of the latest Cd of this famed musical band.It is the longest standing band. This Swedish group is a Gothenburg metal band. It experimented with various guitar genres like British metal, death metal and developed its own style. It was launched in 1989 by singer Anders Friden, lead guitarist Niklas Sundin, rhythm guitarist Mikael stanne, bassist Martin henrikrsson, and drummer Andrew Jivarp.In 1990, it launched its demo cassette enfeebled earth and later its name to Dark antiquity. Soon it started its musical journey. In 1991, it recorded its first album Trail Of Life Decayed.In 1992, it produced another album, A Moon clad reflection. However, it had limited copies but was still liked by all. The band recorded Sky dancer in 1993.

Year 1994 saw changes in the band. Its lead singer left the group. Guitarist Mikael stanne started singing .It inducted guitarist Fredrik Johansson as the new member.In 1994, bad released its album, Of chaos and eternal Night. In 1995, it released The gallery, which was appreciated by music lovers.
Year 1996 saw launch of Enter suicidal angels. In 1996, it recorded Mind's I which became a huge success.

In 1999, Guitarist Fredrik Johansson left the group .It got new members like bassist Michael Niklasson and Martin brandstrorm. Martin Henrikrsson restarted using guitar. It also released new album, Projector. This album was nominated for Swedish Grammy award. In 1999, it also signed up with Century Media, a known music label. It released Haven in 2000. In year 2002, it released Damage done. Many found resemblance to its earlier music.In 2003, it released its DVD, which contained interviews, live footage. In 2004, it released Exposure in retrospect and denial, a double CD. September saw release of another EP Lost To apathy. In 2005, it launched Character. It is loved for its heavy vocals and many love its for its tracks. Its tacks like Lost To Apathy, The endless feed, One thought, Mind Matters, Senses Tied make you hum to these magical tunes.

Therefore, donot wait for others. Contact your online vendor soon to grab your copy of this latest realese. Who knows you may miss the boat!
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Character (2005)
Lost to Apathy (2004)
Exposure- In Retrospect and Denial (2004)
Damage done (2002)
Haven (2000)
Sky dancer/chaos (1999)
Projector (1999)
The Minds (1997)
Enter Suicidal angels (1996)
The Gallery (1995)
Of chaos and eternal lights (1995)
Sky dancer (1993)
Tranquillity (1993)
Trail Of Life Decayed (1992)
A Moon clad reflection (1992)
Trail Of Life Decayed (1991)
DVDs &Videos:
Live damage-DVD 2003
World Domination-live video 1998
Zodijackyl Light 1996

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