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If you have not heard of Dark lotus, then probably you are losing something in your life.It is favourite with Juggalos.
This group was launched in 1988. In the beginning, it had two members Twiztid and ICP.Later Professional wrestler Vampiro and Psychopathic deals artiste Blaze Ya Dead appeared with them on the track Maniac Killa,Soon Psychopathic records signed it. It has Violent J, Shaggy2, Dope, Monoxidechild, and Jamie Madrox.In 2000 it released Tales From Lotus Pod t is also said it involves all the artiste of the Psychopathic records. Its lyrics were written by Insane clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze, MikeP, and Esham.Now day, ICP, Twitzid, Blaze, Anybody killa are its current members.It is said that track sixteen made it a known name. It got praise for its single, "Echo Side"
In 1999,Insane Clown Posse released its successful album, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers.In year 2000, group released its single CD. Blaze joined as the new member.In 2001,Blaze left the group for financial reasons. Esham the unholy replaced him.Later Blaze rejoined the group while Esham was removed.
The group created some good tracks. It was speculated that Anybody Killa was going to join as the sixth member. It was believed that his performance in DrunkenNinja Master was the reason behind it.Finally, in 2001,Marz was selected. But he soon left the group and launched his album, The Real Dark Lotus
In 2001, the group released Tales from The Lotus Pod.Anybody Killa signed deal with Psychopathic records.Year 2006 saw departure of Anybody Killa.
It is quite a thrill to watch them perform live.
So contact your online vendor to watch them perform live.
Sorry, no upcoming events found at this time.
Echo Side (1999)
Maniac Killa (2000)
I do not Care (2001)
Drunken Ninja Master (2001)
Grave Robbers (2003)
Shock And Awe (2004)

Echo side Single (1999)
Tales from The Lotus Pod
Tales From The Lotus Pod Visited (2002)
Black Rain (2004)
Featured On
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers (1999)
Freek Show (2000)
Cryptic Collection Vol.2 (2001)
Pychopathics from Outer Space2 (2003)
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