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Dark Funeral is a black metal band from Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by guitarists Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon. Their lyrical themes are often satanism, anti-christianity, apocalypse and highly blasphemous themes. Both Emperor Magus Caligula and Ahriman are known to be ardent satanists, and mar their beliefs in artistic fashion well lyrically and musically.

Dark Funeral was founded by Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon. They were later joined by Draugen and Themgoroth.

The second leg of Satanic War Tour followed with Ancient and Bal Sagoth as support. Also, Dark Funeral played their very first show in America at the Expo Of The Extreme festival in Chicago. From there the band embarked on the "The American Satanic Crusade Tour" with Usurper_(band) in support. Originally the tour was supposed to also feature Acheron and Destroyer 666, but after too many hassles, both bands had to cancel. In September, the road dogs returned to the Abyss studio to record "Vobiscum Satanas". Ultra-raw and hyper-fast, the unholy duo Ahriman/Caligula had delivered a record that even the last sceptics had to admit that Dark Funeral were spearheading Swedish black metal together with Marduk
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With engineer Tommy TÃĪgtgren, the band recorded the EP "Teach The Children To Worship Satan" at the Abyss studio B featuring the new song "An Apprentice Of Satan" and cover-versions from Slayer, Mayhem, Sodom and King Diamond. For the EP, the band also filmed a live video for "An Apprentice Of Satan". They joined Deicide, Immortal and Cannibal Corpse for the No Mercy festivals. After the departure of Gaahnfaust, Matte Modin joined the band as a permanent member and made his debut at the With Full Force festival.

It was with the overwhelming positive response of "Diabolis Interium" from the public and the press, the band were able to secure deals that brought their music across to a much wider audience with licenses in Japan under the label of Soundholic Co.Ltd, Brazil on Hellion Records, Poland on Mystic Productions, Romania in alliance with Rocris Disc, Bulgaria under Rocris Disc, Thailand with S.Stack Co. Ltd, Russia under the label of Irond Records Ltd, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China with Magnus Music. With the exceptional response to the album in Brazil which was released through Hellion Records, another local label, Somber Records licensed the band's entire back catalog.

On January 20, 2005, the band entered in to a contact with Regain Records. The band has all its concentration on writing material for a new full-length album and at the same time it manages to perform at the Metal Mind Festival in Poland before finally joining the No Mercy Tour with Six Feet Under, Nile, Dying Fetus among others.

On May 23, the band in alliance with the producers Daniel Bergstrand and Orjan Ornkloo entered Dug Out Studios to begin work on their new, long awaited full-length album. The band brought in Gustaf Hielm to play the bass on the record. On August 18, Dark Funeral's new Masterpiece "Attera Totus Sanctus" was completed. The album was well received by the metal community, despite disappointment in the decline of Caligula's vocals, possibly due to aging. It entered the Swedish top 40 as number 35 and the Swedish Heavy Metal chart as number 3. Few black metal records have hit the charts.

In November, Dark Funeral began working with Dragon Production, which is a division of A.S.S. Concert & Promotion GmbH. Dragon Production were entrusted with handling tour bookings.

In Autumn 2006, Dark Funeral made a tour in South America. On October 8, 2006, at a concert in Lima, Peru, Dark Funeral were forced to perform without their vocalist and bassist, Caligula, since he was sick. Many angry fans started a riot, and vandalized the properties near the venue. Following the riot, all the band's instruments were confiscated by Peruvian police. After a week, the band announced they had to postpone their upcoming concerts in Latvia and Lithuania because of this unfortunate situation.
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