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Dan Hicks is a popular musician born on 9th December, in the year 1941. His distinctive style of music blends core elements of jazz and folk and sometimes bits of other genres also. Apart from his melodic tunes he is popular for delightfully mixing his music with a nice dose of humor.

Dan Hicks was in the famous San Francisco band by the name of the Charlatans; nevertheless it is perhaps greatest known for his work with the name "Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks" it existed from sometime in the mid 1960s to the year 1973, culminating into the album the Last Train to Hicksville. Dan hicks have continued to take part in bands of many other names too. It has recently started using the "Hot Licks" name yet again.

Dan Hicks has limited number of fans in comparison to other bands like backstreet boys or boy zone but these fans are really very loyal and have always loved Dan throughout his life. These fans have waited for 22 years for new studio recordings by the musical man. A small number of especially well known fans, in fact, actually helped push the project along. Dan was joined on his fresh album, "Beatin' the Heat,'' by, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Bette Midler, Brian Setzer and the famous female artist Rickie Lee Jones, she plays a concert with hicks in the coming times.
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The irresistible Dan Hicks who is aged 59 now is feeling fresh energy again. Dan has readopted his previous stage name- Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. He has also picked up some novel female background singers to additionally underline the link to the years gone by i.e. early '70s, those were the glory days when albums such as "Striking It Rich" and "Where's the Money?" were the hippest, and the coolest things happening.

According to Dan he is happy with the new name; it rhymes well according to him. It is also descriptive. The name also had some other connotations. As may be perceived by some Hicks did not slip off the face of the earth. He has been around for quite some time; he has played at nightclubs as Dan Hicks and also the Acoustic Warriors now almost for the last 10 years. Dan has also written some commercials and some children's songs too. He also had a very small part in the 1991 movie called "Class Action" starring Gene Hackman, Mary Elizabeth and Mast Antonio. He is an authentic persona, a talented songwriter with a tremendously original slant, and also a stylist whose sense of coolness glues to whatever he does.

He has been on the music scene of many years now and has an appreciable fan following. A must visit for everybody. Book your tickets now before they are sold out. Online bookings for the convenience of fans also available.
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