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Dan Bern is famous guitarist, novelist, singer, painter as well as songwriter. A musician, Bern, with so many talents, is often His music is often compared to renowned artists like Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello. Bern usually performs in many concerts under the name " Bernstein". His one of the well known song "Talkin' Woody, Bob, Bruce, and Dan Blues" from the album "Smartie Mine" reflects the jesting take on his influence from these artists. This song has been presented in the style of a Guthrie or Dylan talking blues song which also have the tinges of a Springsteen song. When he was asked during an interview about the resemblance between himself and Dylan he said, "I guess Bob Dylan was sort of the Dan Bern of the '60's". He has also toured with another well known artist Ani DiFranco. Bern is famous for his sarcastic, literary lyrics with lots of musical styles. He also known for a folk music style mixed with rock instrumentation. Under the pen name Cunliffe Merriwether, he has authored the novel "Quitting Science" in 2004.
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Bern was highlighted heavily because of his social and political humor running in his compositions and singing. His earlier work, specially at the time of 2004 US presidential election campaign, proved to be more explicitly political. The songs like "Bush Must Be Defeated" and "President" highlighted his surreal political takes. Many works also often shows the reflections of his Litvak ancestry like in songs as "Lithuania." The name Bernstein refers to this ancestry while being on a trip to Lithuania, he came to know that it was his family's name before immigration to the United States.

Bern released his debut EP "Dog Boy Van" in 1996 with many wonder songs including "Jerusalem",
"Kurt", "Hannibal", "Live Another Day", "Talkin' Alien Abduction Blues", "Oklahoma". This album got the favor of the audience as this excellent indie release made him famous. This album was recorded before his deal with Sony' Records. This album was followed by his self titled album "Dan Bern" in 1997. The fantastic music of the album and his witty lyrics earned him another lot of fame. He released many successful albums later including "Fifty Eggs" in 1998, "Smartie Mine" in 1998, " New American Language" in 2001, and many more.

The latest album of Bern "Breathe" is on its way to success. Wonderful lyrics and awesome vocals of Bern has made this album again a unique piece of music. The tracks include "Trudy", "Breathe", "Feel Like a Man", "Remember Me", "Suicide Room", "Tongue-Tied", "Rain", "Visit in My Dream", "Past Belief", "Another Man's Clothes". Prior to this LP, Bern has launched its EP "Breathe" this year only. Both the releases are on the road of prosperity leading Bern to the Zenith of music world.

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